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The Lunar Mermaid

Selenite Moon Crystal

Selenite Moon Crystal

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✨ Embrace Lunar Healing with the Selenite Moon Crystal 🌙

Selenite (also known as Satin Spar, Gypsum Flower, Maria Glass) is the Crystal Healing Stone of the Moon, providing deep connection to the illuminating Goddess that lights up our skies. Are you seeking divine connection to the luminary that is the Moon? Unveil the magic of the cosmos with this divinely feminine and intuitive stone. 

This beautiful stone is helpful for:
❤️Psychic Development
🖤Cosmic love & connection to the Universe

Each Crystal is intuitively hand picked for you with healing in mind. The Price is per one piece and there may be inconsistencies to product images. 

Size of each piece approximately: 13cm on the widest part x 5.5cm x 1.5cm approximately 

Selenite is a soft crystal. Being Moon shaped, each crystal is hand-carved and there may be slight variations to each piece.

How to use & care for your crystal: 

Place your crystal on your Feminine Altar, Moon Altar or places you un-wind within the home. Hold your Selenite Moon Crystal during Moon Rituals, Meditating and during Divination. 

Charge every month under the Full Moon! 

Embrace the divine healing of the Moon & order your Selenite Moon Crystal today!



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