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Raw Lavender Rose Quartz

Raw Lavender Rose Quartz

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✨ Awaken Creativity and Embrace Passion with Lavender Rose Quartz Pieces 💜

Lavender Rose Quartz is the ideal crystal for those seeking a connection with their inner selves, fostering creativity, and inviting a sense of passion into their lives. This delicate stone resonates with the Heart Chakra, bringing forth a gentle yet profound healing energy that encourages self-love and emotional balance.

Specifically attuned to resonate with artistic souls and those yearning for heartfelt expression, Lavender Rose Quartz aids in:

💜Inspiring Creativity
🖤Promoting Emotional Grounding
💜Easing Overthinking
🖤Igniting Inspired Passion
💜Enhancing Sensuality

Every piece of Lavender Rose Quartz is handpicked with intuition and healing in mind. Please note that as a natural crystal, each piece is unique, varying in color, structure, and shape.

Approximate size of each piece: 5cm at the widest part x 4cm deep x 6cm in length.

As a raw crystal, each Lavender Rose Quartz piece boasts distinctive colors and structures.

To optimize the benefits of your crystal:
🌙 Place it close to your Heart Chakra for healing, allowing the soothing energy to permeate your being.
🌙 Hold your Lavender Rose Quartz during meditation, Moon Rituals, and Divination practices to clear your mind and unveil profound passion within.

Charge your crystal under the Full Moon every month to amplify its energy and ensure a continuous flow of divine healing.

Embrace the harmonizing power of Sensuality and Grounding by ordering your Lavender Rose Quartz Piece today! 💜🌹



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