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The Lunar Mermaid

60 Minute Full Natal Chart Reading with BONUS Downloadable Report!

60 Minute Full Natal Chart Reading with BONUS Downloadable Report!

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Are you curious about what the stars hold for you? Do you often find yourself contemplating the mysteries of your existence and the path that lies ahead? If you seek profound insights into your life's purpose, gifts, and personal growth, then look no further.

Delve into the Depths of Your Natal Chart

Your natal chart is an extraordinary snapshot of the universe at the precise moment you took your first breath. It holds the key to your unique personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and the patterns that shape your life's journey. Your natal chart is you to the core. A natal chart reading can provide deep information on your personality, ancestry, public persona, personal gifts, behaviours, challenges and rewards received in this lifetime. Uncover the hidden facets of your personality, understand your innate talents, and gain clarity on the lessons you are here to learn.

Trust in the Ancient Knowledge of the Cosmos

Receive divine connection to the Universe and the World around you. Astrology has been refined over centuries trust in the power of celestial guidance to shape your destiny. AJ is a professional Certified Consulting Astrologer; utilising both Modern Psychological and Traditional Hellenistic Astrology in a lunar-led, intuitively guided way. 

Embrace Your Life's Purpose

You will receive an Intuitively Chosen Tarot spread and reading to confirm and build upon the Astrological Information provided through-out your reading. As well as an additional calculation of your own Personal Birth Tarot Card. Your Personal Birth Tarot Card can describe themes and constant qualities that are playing out at all times, for you.

Flexible Appointment Options

Choose the perfect appointment option that aligns with your schedule and preferences. Be sure to read carefully as you complete your booking to ensure in-person or virtual session has been selected. Currently, in-person appointments are available exclusively at Viper Self Care in Meanjin (Brisbane) Australia. 

Your 10+ page personalised Natal report will be sent to you 24-48 hours after your reading with The Lunar Mermaid.

Book Your Astrology Natal Chart Reading Today

Your EXACT birth time is needed for all readings and will need to be provided with your booking along with any specific insight you are seeking during your reading.

Note: While astrology offers guidance and insights, it is important to remember that your choices and actions ultimately shape your life's path. The Natal Chart Reading is meant to inspire and uplift, nurturing your spirit on your journey of self-discovery.

Terms of service are available for your viewing, please ensure you read in full before clicking ‘agree’ to be fully informed in what is required in booking in a service with me.



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