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The Lunar Mermaid

Citrine Flame Point Crystal

Citrine Flame Point Crystal

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✨ Welcome Prosperity and Abundance with Citrine Flame Point Crystal 🌙

Citrine (aka Golden Amethyst) is the Crystal Healing Stone of the Fire Element and is connected to the Sun and Leo in the Zodiac Wheel. Citrine is known to enhance confidence, support developing grit and finding fiery passion for your dreams. If you have been lacking self esteem, Citrine can open your heart to self-love and confidence for where you are in life. 

This beautiful stone is helpful for:

❤️Bringing in Abundance/Clients/Business Partners/Investors
❤️Mental Development
🖤Passion and Inspiration

Each Crystal is intuitively hand picked for you with healing in mind. The Price is per one piece and there may be inconsistencies to product images, each crystal is different from the last. Every crystal is individual and there may be slight variations to the shape, colour and clarity of each piece.

Size of each piece approximately:  

Flame point: 3cm deep, 3cm on the widest part and 5-7 cm in length

How to use & care for your crystal: 

Place your crystal at your business, on prosperity altars or at places you un-wind within the home. Hold your Citrine Flame Point during Moon Rituals, Meditating and during Divination to encourage prosperity and confidence.

Charge every month under the Full Moon! 

Embrace the divine healing of the Sun & order your Citrine Flame Point Crystal today!



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