7 August Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Grounded Support for this Retrograde Season

7 August Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Grounded Support for this Retrograde Season

It’s not just you. We are being pushed and pulled right now, Mercury and Mars are both in Virgo all opposite Saturn Retrograde in Pisces. We have to actively be aware night now of not falling into mars and Mercury and creating and creating, when the current energy is asking for compromise. Compromise, in ways to adjust and restructure to make creation happen organically. This energy is covered in depth more, in last weeks horoscope, check it out here

This week, we have both the largest and the smallest planets working together to help us see compromise and awaken to having the conversations that will help us touch on details to bring together big picture needs in our lives. Mercury is all about the details and Jupiter is all about the big picture, positivity and adventure. This may be a last chance for some to get some travelling in (without disruptions) before Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, this August.

The Sun square Jupiter will occur first up this week on Monday, at 10am aest approx. Jupiter in Taurus has been allowing us to stand our ground in our values, but with Venus Retrograde in Leo challenging our inner deepest values and changing them for a more successful future, these are changing rapidly! The Sun in Leo square to Jupiter will ensure we are aware what is really standing in our way, internally and externally. Anxieties may come up, this may hurt our ego, but we are seeking the light, when within Leo Season - this cannot be ignored.

We are currently in Mercury Retrograde Pre-shadow in Virgo, the tiny planet that rules Communication and travel will station retrograde on the 24th of this month at 21 degrees. Mercury won’t station direct until the 16th of next month, hitting 8 degrees. For more on what Mercury Retrograde in Virgo may look like for you and your sign, keep reading or jump now to the all 12 sign’s horoscope below! ↴

We will be reintegrating what details are discovered, pay extra attention to what themes came up on the 22nd of August-25 August, and again on the 30th of September. The next 8 weeks are astrologically priming us to go back and double check out facts, real important information may be coming up. This is the time I would definitely recommend to keep a journal and be aware right now of information coming in or going out. Even within the body, Virgo is highly intuitive so, gut feelings and intuitive hits will be coming in fast with this energy. Retrograde seasons are especially psychic and energetically heightened, be kind to your mind and your body.

We will actually have another Mercury Retrograde in Virgo next year, in August, so this time next year these themes will fully integrate. These cycles can be all connected or regarding similar themes. Look at what house Virgo is in, in your whole sign Natal chart to fully understand what area of life is being perfected and supported through this. Communication is a theme for all Mercury Retrogrades regardless of how it will affect your Natal placements, so I need to encourage you to maintain a grounded position in what you share with others. The details are important during this time, so omission of this, may lead you where more information needs to come from.

By the 25th of August, after Mercury stationed Retrograde, we will have a total of 6 Planetary Retrogrades in the sky AND Chiron Retrograde. There are events that have happened this year that may need to be processed and attended to. There is immense inner compassion and healing that can be integrated during this Retrograde Season, and you deserve it. We may all be feeling tired right now, but this is not the time to create and ask for new beginnings, anyways. We are being encouraged in finding that, within refining and perfecting what we already have.

Mercury in Virgo will Trine jupiter in Taurus on Thursday the 10th of August, I like this day. This may be an offer for a conversation surrounding ways to feel more positive about your romantic life and adventures and healing. The weekend may offer opportunity for loving conversations, recognition and connection. We end this week on Sunday, with the sun conjoin Venus Retrograde in Leo. Also known as Venus Cazimi, which will occur at exactly 9:15pm AEST. This energy is providing a heart-opening search for vitality and strength, we can expect with the Sun in her home we can find support and respect for us. Expect to be fully seen for you light! There may be support and success found within this energy, however during Venus Retrograde, this is more about re-focusing and re-adjusting your light to feel more seen and successful!



Mercury in Virgo and Mars trine Jupiter in Taurus is bringing in grounded energy for you Aries, to take action in your work. There may be support from those in authority as well with this. You’re awakening now to the true value in having a joyful life, Aries.

Mercury Retrograde will offer more opportunity to integrate new routines in your day-to-day, for Aries. Pay attention to feelings and intuitive hits coming through around the 22 August for what will be perfected during this time. Overall, you’re looking to feel more secure in your work and more supported as well by the process. For Aries, this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will allow you to go back and learn what actually can bring this for you.


There is a creative and philosophically rooted idea coming through for Taurus this week. With Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter in your sign, there is expansive blessings allowing Taurus to move and think now about creativity and even travel! Taurus may be busy thinking and talking about how much has changed mentally for you as well.

Mercury Retrograde will be nice for Taurus and Taurus Rising! Blessings and positive conversations may be pushing you to perfect your craft, Taurus. With a positive flow of energy coming through to allow you to see the details and perfect, with Jupiter in your sign.


Gemini are being pushed right now, to see a new way to generate finances, worth and comfort. Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter in Taurus can bring more grounded but possibly lonely energy in for Gemini, however you may becoming aware of the flow of easy energy now, when you can focus in on your own energy.

Mercury Retrograde for Gemini and Gemini Risings may really bring a focus in for gaining new insight into your ancestors and how their lives are connected to yours. You may feel guided to connect with the past, with your inner fears and how these all stem possibly from child-hood or your ancestors’ stories. Doing this kind of work now, will leave you, Gemini feeling much more grounded and supported overall.


Cancer can be feeling more grounded now, in their relationship and communities. Mercury in Virgo will trine Jupiter in Taurus this Thursday, during this time you may be aware of the people that CAN support you. You may awaken now to intuitive guidance regarding relationships, you are being encouraged to allow connections to transform, Cancer!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will be bringing in more details for Cancer and Cancer rising, regarding information someone has shared. There may have been omission in what has been shared with you, and this will all come to light. During the Mercury Retrograde period you will be seeking grounded light and truth, Cancer!


Leo and Leo Rising are being encouraged with Mercury trine Jupiter this week, to seek support at work. There may be awakenings coming through now about a career that will feel more grounded for you. What you value and why may be shifting rapidly right now!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will be allowing Leo and Leo Rising to see the details regarding the way you speak to yourself. There is a flow of energy during this time to support Leo in finding grounded routines that support you. Mercury Retrograde may be changing your finances as well, Leo, especially with Venus Retrograde in your sign you are trying new things and seeing how they fit and make you feel.


Virgo and Virgo rising may feel fully supported this week with Mercury in your sign trining Jupiter in Taurus. There may be a thirst for new ways to utilise the knowledge you have within you. You are being encouraged with this energy not to settle Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde in your sign, will be an especially interesting time for you, Virgo. You are shifting so much in what brings you joy. This may be a time for Virgo to go back and perfect future plans, more information will come through this Retrograde so you can feel comfortable and grounded.


This week may prove to provide grounded and supported endings for Libra and Libra Rising, With Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter in Taurus this may bring investment, financial and healing energy to support endings, especially now for Libra this can help bring more grounded energy in for you!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will be bringing through opportunities to heal and integrate and go back on methods that have provided support for you. Mercury Retrograde will possibly re-iterate importance of certain endings for you right now. For Libra with the South Node now in your sign, endings and closing our chapters to move forward will be a big theme, and this is strengthened with this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo.


Scorpio, and Scorpio Rising this week on Thursday the 10th, you may feel more supported and grounded by those you are close to. There may be communications coming through your partner or colleagues about how transformations in certain areas now can help you and these people achieve important dreams and feel supported in community.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will usher in new information and guidance for Scorpio to achieve big dreams and connect to those that will support and help you in this. You may feel passionately guided to partake in big psychologically healing pursuits during this Mercury Retrograde. There will be more details coming through with this, pay attention to what comes up around the 22th of August for more details.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising may feel grounded in your work and career, this week with Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter in Taurus. You may have been stubborn especially, to maintain a certain position in your career, but now this stubborn energy can be respected and you may realise now the reason of your stubbornness was not for nought!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo for Sagittarius will possibly bring in more details to routines that can support you in career and managing money and finances. Sagittarius may be choosing to invest energetically in new work and health improvements. During this time, you may feel intuitively guided or supported in your communications to feel more comfortable overall with your work.


Capricorn may be really enjoying studying something this week, and the information received may really make you feel much more grounded and supported in your healing and transformations. There may be ways coming through that allow you to enjoy the process so much more with this Earth grand trine in the sky on Thursday!

This also, carries through to this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo for Capricorn and Capricorn Rising. There is more information coming through with this, expect to feel encouraged to find the details and support that you need. Pay attention to your studies and travels during this time as with Mercury Retrograde, not all is clear. There is some information you have missed that you will be going back over with regards to your healing, travels, studies, career, and hopes and dreams!


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising will be feeling more encouraged to put grounded energy now into healing and implementing changes in the home. Mercury in Virgo will trine Jupiter in Taurus, bringing in knowledge in expansion and positivity! All work done in regards to healing is highly supported right now, so long as you do not skip steps, Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will be showing you, Aquarius and Aquarius Rising, just how important it can be to cover all basis and do things in order. This Mercury Retrograde for you will be bringing in grounded and supported energy for healing and transmuting ancestral trauma. There is more information coming through regarding this, pay attention to what comes up for you around the 22th of August for more details in what is to be healed, during this Retrograde period!


Pisces and Pisces Rising can expect to connect with people now that can support you and bring in grounded energy. Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus will bring through the persons now that support you, Pisces. There is a grounded energy through this, there are people in your life that can help you innovate and feel more positive, connect with these people this week!

Pisces and Pisces Rising may have persons come back around from the past with this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. The persons and information coming through this Mercury Retrograde will allow you to feel more grounded and supported. Pay attention to conversations happening around the 22th of August for more guidance on what these clues are leading you to!

Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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I love you

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