31 July Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Deeply awakening Full Moon in Aquarius!

31 July Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Deeply awakening Full Moon in Aquarius!

We begin this week on Monday 31st, with the Moon square Chiron Retrograde. Chiron retrograde is conjunct the Collective North node in Aries right now, further irritating the deep work and integrating that the collective is completing at this time. With Chiron Retrograde square the Moon, we may feel we need to leave certain things behind, as there are inner wounds that need to be tended to, right now. There may be fears coming up for the Collective this week, about how to find independence and heal in ways that serve.

Tuesday night, will have the Moon conjoin Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn before the Aquarius Full Moon. The Moon in cold Capricorn, conjoining Pluto Retrograde can indicate power found within transformative experiences. There may be liberating spiritual experiences to be had this week especially during this conjunction. Truth may be spilled, especially with Neptune Retrograde, assisting in the sky, due to a sextile aspect to Pluto Retrograde during this time.

Is the collective finding strength during this time? The Aquarius Full moon square Jupiter in Taurus feels like this can be a moment of rebellious effort by those that wish for freedom from the financial strains etc, on us all at this time. Could this Full Moon bring on strength and light for the Collective breaking free or should there be shocking difficulties come up? For more on what this Aquarius Full Moon may look like for you and your sign, keep reading or jump now to the all 12 sign’s horoscope below! ↴

Either way, the needs of the Collective and maintaining independence will be a theme during this Full Moon. The Sun in Leo will be shining light now, on the nostalgia we have of a time already gone. Due to this, freedom and expansion is a deep desire right now. Jupiter in Taurus is bringing excess of changes with Uranus in Taurus in conjunction with the planet of positivity and growth, there is liberation happening, especially within the feminine, within finances, material goods etc, but the connection of these two planets may well bring great earth-shaking, reality breaking, awakenings.

With Venus in Retrograde right now, we are moving our values around, so this does itself, indicate a lot of change, this may be for the better, or for not. We can wait and see. Uranus is hard to explain in words, but aspects like this will always bring freedom, so what may feel like a lot right now, is in the long run going to take a weight off us, somewhere.

The Full Moon will be exact at 9 degrees at around 4:30am on Wednesday the 2nd of August. During this lunation, there is a Yod aspect between Neptune Retrograde 27 degrees, Pluto in Capricorn at 28 Degrees with apex pointing to Venus Retrograde in Leo at 26 degrees. Whether we are actually consciously doing work with relationships and values right now, a change is going to happen regardless. There is a sense of importance coming for any realisations we are coming to with Venus Retrograde in Leo. This can feel like realising that you deserve to feel successful, and proud of what life looks like for you. What you can create and with who is being revealed in this. Success can be found at this time, especially with all integration of Healing with authority, as well as healing to create better work/life balance and creating and allowing yourself to visualise a positive compassionate future. With ALL planets in this aspect being retrograde, there is energy here for deep, subconscious integration of realisations and truths that have come through where Capricorn and Pisces are in your chart.

Under this lunation we will also have Mercury opposite Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, this will allow intuitive guidance to help us ‘skip steps’ here. With Saturn and Neptune in a sextile, there is energy of constantly re-assessing your spiritual awareness and messages, to help your creations and manifestations. To me this feels like spirit coming through with direct guidance now of where to look, what to create, especially to integrate your healing. Deep regenerative healing through Pluto Retrograde in the Saturn ruled Capricorn, shows the up-levelling, magical and magnetic inspired energy we are being gifted through the work we do, during this Pluto Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde, Pisces Retrograde AND Venus Retrograde.

We are (whether consciously or not) realising our highest selves right now!! With this opposition energy during this Full Moon, there is a need to compromise or fall too much into one side of this energy. Feeling tired and spiritually drained can be a theme during this time. Keep a conscious balance between the details and what you can sense the big picture will be.

After the Full Moon in Aquarius, we may be feeling quiet and detached, to show up for the freedom desired. Then, on Friday the 4th, the Moon will be opposite Mercury in Virgo, the feelings and intuitive guidance that has come up through-out this week may be proven, and reality may show up to confirm this. Later in the day, on Friday the Moon will sextile Jupiter in Taurus and then oppose Mars in Taurus. The weekend may feel more positive, but overall directed towards achievement of a better nicer feeling about finances, beauty and love. There is a sense of having self- compassion and needing to make this a priority.

As the week winds down we will be able to start a new, as on Saturday afternoon the Moon will enter Aries. We will finally, end the week with the Moon in Aries on Sunday conjoin Chiron Retrograde. There may be a desire to seperate from past experiences with this conjunction as well as fears surrounding this. 



Aries will be seeking freedom under the Full moon in Aquarius, with doing what you need to do, to achieve your dreams and connect with those that are going to bring that in for you. The Full Moon in Aquarius will be illuminating the importance of valuing fun, and connecting to your inner child and the passions you had as a child can bring a lot of nostalgic feelings right now, you are being encouraged to lean into this! Do something just for fun!


Taurus and Taurus Rising will be seeing the truth and light appear regarding your job. The ball may drop and some truth may come out, with this, the Full Moon is illuminating your support system and whether you feel supported during these intense times. Things are changing a lot for Taurus, Venus Retrograde could have you stressing about your family and their problems as a way of distraction, but you have to put yourself first before you can even think of putting your energy there right now, Taurus.


Gemini may be really thinking, or realising intellectual goals right now. The Full Moon in Aquarius will be illuminating how you are in a much better place to communicate your needs to those around you. This is a time for Gemini to sense where freedom can be found now and that you can trust yourself. The pressure you may be feeling spiritually will pass, but if you can take time away from others you and focus on yourself, you can really trust yourself more, and feel more positive.


The Full Moon in Aquarius may be feeling more stressful overall for Cancer and Cancer Rising, there is deep healing that is being integrated at a soul level. Cancer is going to look completely different by the end of this year, so this will take a lot of deep work. This full moon may be illuminating this for you, as well as who is going to help you, and who is going to hinder this process. Be kind to your body and you’re intuitive mind right now, Cancer.


The Full moon will be especially illuminating for Leo and Leo Rising, during this Full Moon in Aquarius, past relationship woundings or persons may come up for you to heal and recognise this as a healing experience and journey in itself. You may see now who you want to be out in the world and any thing that will be standing in your way of that. Pay attention to these feelings as it will help you with the changes that may be happening for you during this Venus Retrograde period.


This time may be especially busy for Virgo and Virgo Rising! Your thinking overall may be especially hectic right now, Virgo. Under the Full Moon in Aquarius you may feel a surge of energy, which will be coming up, to show you what truly lights you up. Virgo may be having interesting dreams during this time, and work may be very busy, aswell. Try to lean into the things that fill your cup, rather than take from you, as Virgo may be feeling prone to burn-out during this time.


I like this Full Moon for Libra and Libra Rising, there may be a lot of endings happening right now however, and what you will be left with will be only that, which brings joy, Libra! The Full Moon in Aquarius may be illuminating what needs to go for you to heal and be successful, as well as where you can find happiness in life. This may be shocking and awakening for you, but overall, freedom will be found in your creativity and dreams right now, Libra.


Scorpio may be having very interesting experiences happening during this Full Moon in Aquarius, in the home and at work and out in the world. There may be culminations or endings happening to allow you to nurture only loyal relationships. Overall, your intuition is showing you out in the world, and at home where to find freedom and new exciting energy, Scorpio!


Sagittarius may be having great experiences this week with travelling, feeling free, and opening up new illuminating conversations all around you. This Full Moon in Aquarius may have someone spilling the tea, telling the truth about something that will affect your deep philosophical beliefs. Have an open mind right now, Sagittarius, there is great energy right now for passionate re-distribution of your values, and what matters to you, so trust your gut.


This Full moon in Aquarius will be deep, yet freeing for Capricorn, there is light under this Full Moon, showing you your true values and how they have changed so much. There may be a need to spend money with this energy, and the way you react will be different to maybe 7-10 years ago. Your self esteem and inner values are shifting, whether your aware of it or not. This would be a great full Moon for Capricorn to do deep Shadow work and focus on healing.


This full Moon in Aquarius will be especially illuminating for you, being in your sign, Aquarius. There may be a lot changing with your work, keeping you busy right now. This may be bringing in new connections for you, especially under the Full Moon, pay attention to any old work colleagues coming back around. Under the Full Moon there may be messages or light given on how to find new freedom in the home. Aquarius may really be in the spot Light, or busy during this lunation, but if you can push into and thank yourself for the determination and work that is needed to keep up, you will feel more positive, Aquarius!


Pisces and Pisces Rising may be especially busy this week, there may be big endings especially in work, for you under this Full Moon in Aquarius. What you do for work, may be on your mind, and what helps you on a day-to-day is being shifted and changed right now. Pisces can expect big changes to happen under this lunation, to liberate and bring a more freeing feeling to your life. Pisces may be focusing on their health as well during this time, it would be a great time to try a innovative, new health supplement or treatment!

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Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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