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The Lunar Mermaid

Custom Spell Jar

Custom Spell Jar

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Summon the mystic energies of the cosmos with a personalized Spell Jar crafted by the enigmatic Lunar Witch, known as the Lunar Mermaid.

Each of these enchanting spell jars is meticulously handcrafted, woven with the threads of your deepest desires and intentions, bringing forth the power of ancient incantations to fulfill your wishes. These spell jars are the key to unlocking swift, gratifying, and enduring results, all for the greater good of the universe.

Harnessing the celestial forces of the Moon, every spell jar undergoes a sacred lunar blessing, bestowed under the silvery glow of the night sky. In addition, you shall receive a divinely channeled tarot message, for inner insight into your spell's divine purpose.

Behold, for these spell jars are more than mere vessels of magic; they are sentient, attuned to their destined keepers. As your fingers touch the surface of your spell jar, the enchantment weaves its way into your very being. The spell is cast, and its magic is unleashed as it melds with your essence.

Perfect for gifts, wedding favours and baby showers. Please contact directly for bulk orders. 

Each spell jar arrives adorned with a magnificent crystal topper, a shimmering gem that resonates with the spell's intent, and a sacred sigil, imbued with ancient wisdom and power. Embark on a mystical journey, as you embrace the enchantment and wonder that these spell jars bring to your life.



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