˚ ✦ Your guide to Eclipse Season October 2023 . ✦

˚ ✦ Your guide to Eclipse Season October 2023 . ✦

Our Eclipse Season for the end of 2023 will begin during this October under an Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra at 21 degrees on 15th at 4am AEST. This Annular Solar Eclipse is bringing through fated unravelling in relationships and connections. Venus will be bringing the details in Virgo, and is with Black Moon Lilith indicating that this may be painful or confronting for us. This eclipse will be the stronger of the two that we will experience this October, so buckle in, things are about to shift for all of us so we can prioritise passionate connections and the most harmonious directions for our futures!

This Eclipse will actually meet with Mercury and also Asteroid Lilith. Venus, in Virgo will be opposite Saturn retrograde at 0 degrees Pisces and conjoin Black Moon Lilith. Mars who is so comfortable in Scorpio, will out of sign, wide conjunct this Eclipse which can provide us with an intensely passionate drive for protecting our dreams and goals. With Venus in fall we may have struggles with being able to open up and accept love and connection during this time, we may be overly too aware of the details. Relationships overall may feel strained by the details or busy-ness of life during this Eclipse Season.

With the South Node influence, we are recognising what needs to be left in the past, there may be opportunities to say no, set boundaries and remove yourself from situations that are not helpful during this time. The South Node will be trine Saturn Retrograde at 0 degrees, providing great love and compassion during this time, so we can connect to those that see us. We will feel compelled to protect the loving people in our lives during this time. We may be standing up for those that we love and deciding to say goodbye to people that are self-serving or unable to provide compassion and understanding for us.

Eclipses are unique in that events and themes of Eclipses may begin to be experienced up to 8 weeks before and 8 weeks after, with events to fully unfold several years from now, approximately by September 2025. Eclipses are highly karmic in nature, this is why Eclipses are one of the longest known Astrological topics studied through time. Eclipses are Full or New Moons occurring on the transiting Lunar Nodes. The Lunar Nodes carry the fated direction of our lives, this charges the lunation's with a highly karmic influence.

During this Eclipse Season we will be continuing the Eclipse Story of the Aries x Libra Axis, which began under the Hybrid Solar Eclipse earlier this year in Aries at 29 degrees on the 20th of April. Whilst we are beginning a new cycle, we are also wrapping up the Taurus x Scorpio Eclipse cycle that began on the 19th of November 2021 under the Partial Lunar Eclipse at Taurus 27 degrees. There will be both culminations and new beginnings occurring for us in both of these areas of our natal charts.

The last time we had Eclipses in the Aries x Libra Axis was during 2015/2016, think back to what themes and shifts were occurring in your life around that period of your life as these may be due for exciting fated developments going forward. Where this Axis lies in your Natal Chart, can deliver clues to where in your life these developments and fated changes will be occurring for you all up until 2025.

We can expect that during this time, we may be especially sensitive and feel as if we are in taking charge of our destinies. We may be feeling as if the decisions made during this Eclipse Season are fated as they are being driven by this activation of the karmic Lunar Nodes. The shifts and changes coming through will be incredibly life changing and whilst we still have Free Will, some things are pre-destined to occur at this specific time, for our Natal Promise.

This Eclipse Season for October will last up until the 29th of October when at 6:24am AEST we will experience the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus at 5 degrees. With the wrapping up of the final Eclipse we will experience in Taurus x Scorpio for the next 8 years, the Taurus x Scorpio area of your natal chart will finally, after 2 years have an ending. We may be aware of completion and an innate knowing of what is unfolding now thanks to the activation of this area of life. This Partial Lunar Eclipse will be a relief for Fixed Signs, after 2 years there will be a protected release in this area of life.

The Eclipse in Taurus will conjoin Jupiter and Uranus retrograde indicating that the culmination will be more internal and a real realisation of how much has shifted and changed for you, you may be recognising doors that were always open but you’re now ready to enter them with comfortability and great passion to fuel you now. The Eclipse will also conjoin Mercury and Mars in Scorpio! We are not shying away from what our desires are illuminating for us, expect passionate energy to be pulling you into recognition of this duality. Taurus x Scorpio is fixed in nature, allowing us to stabilise in this new path that is being recognised during this time, I really love this energy!

We can expect that the endings connected to the Libra Eclipse will be active especially on 17 of October 2023, as Mercury will pass the point of this Eclipse. We can looking forward to more activation this year, as Venus will also pass this degree on 21 - 27 November 2023, bringing in harmony and drawing in positive experiences thanks to the endings and unravelling that has been activated in October. Here we can really see just how long it can often take for these shifts and changes to integrate into reality and reveal a completely shifted position in life for the betterment of our Fated life direction.

There will be a full Moon square the Taurus x Scorpio Eclipse at 5 degrees in Leo in 2024, allowing what we ground into and put our attention and energy during the 29th of October Eclipse to become a big focus for us. By the 25 January 2024, our connection to desires will be paying off and become fully formed or grown to materialise. The Full Moon will be out of sign conjunct Pluto at 0 degrees in Aquarius, bringing intense desire for rebellion. This gives energy to a fully formed and grown path, this Full Moon will provide a spotlight on how much change has happened thanks to this Eclipse Energy. Whilst the full Eclipse story will not play out until well past 2025, by January next year we can expect that what is catalysed during this Eclipse will provide passion in stability for our goals and will become a big part of lives.

Eclipses can bring excitement, confusion, and an innate knowing that something big is happening in life. This is a particularly intuitive time for all, and we will be sensitive to relationships especially during this time with the Venusian influence to both Eclipses. Anything can happen with Eclipse Season, it is known to be a period when it is best not to travel, sign contracts, move, or do anything really important as the fated circumstances may shift and transmute your plans in a way you could never expect. It is best during this time, to look to the past for how far you have come, and ground into what circumstances are now possible for you. Lean into excitement and make an effort to take note of what is stagnating in your life so you can plan to make changes for the betterment of your life path!

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