What Viper Selfcare Lash Style is your Venus Sign? ✨

What Viper Selfcare Lash Style is your Venus Sign? ✨

So we’ve all seen that dressing as your VENUS sign is a glamour witch hack to jump into your true stylised authenticity*. Your Venus sign will usually be two or so signs away from your natal Sun Sign. (Look for the ♀ sign in your natal report.) This shows your ability to recognise your values and portray them in the way that you communicate those values to the world. Fashion and style are directly influenced by our Venus sign and the rest of your natal chart, of course! But let’s dive into what Viper Self Care Lash style you would be based on your Venus Sign below!

*disclaimer: Disclaimer: all astrology and tarot readings are interpreted and should not be taken 100%. This is for entertainment and should not replace professional advice. This is a basis for understanding yourself, you are an entire Natal Chart and to receive a full reading you can book with me for virtual or 1:1 in person Astrology Readings now!

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Aries Venus

Aries Venus, your independence is to be coveted! Walking and dressing and portraying that YOU walk to the beat of YOUR own drum is so pertinent to your self expression. You are the coloured Set! You choose the style that you love and add the colour that connects to your soul expression, Aries. Any look + colour bring a unique flare to your gorgeous face, whilst being personally coloured and customised FOR YOU! 

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Taurus Venus

Taurus Venus, you love love, and you are love hunny. Venus is at home in this sign, giving you a positive expression of your own personal style, you KNOW what looks good! Sticking to what you trust is possibly a safe space for you, so you are the ever classic open fan Mega Volume Set. You look good every day, you feel good, you can wear this design and know it will go with all of your LOOKS Taurus!

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Gemini Venus

Gemini Venus, you get a bad wrap and I’m so sorry for Pop Culture Astrology for doing that to you. You have so many aesthetics, you want to try it all! And you want to try all of the styles and all of the aesthetics. That’s why you are the Wetlook Lash, the look pictured is the built up mixed length closed fan volume natural wispy. This can take you from Work, to the date you have booked, and then to late night movie with the Girls, you’re ready to do it all, all while looking good. 

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Cancer Venus

Cancer Venus, first of all ILY, you’re beautiful. Cancer Venus is often caring way more about others than yourself, but ensuring you have a comfortable look that you can return to is always essential for you. That’s why you’re the Babydoll Light and Whispy Hybrid Set. This set is just noticeable enough to bring the drama, whilst not overshadowing your Natural essence!

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Leo Venus

Leo Venus, you may be loudest style in the room, and you know it! You’re saucy and love to stand out and enhance the natural beauty you exude! That’s why you are the Elongated Cat Eye in Volume or Mega Volume. This look draws in so much attention to your eye shape whilst being mega glam and gorgeous. Those bold make-up looks you have planned will not overpower this eye-look, she speaks for herself. 

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Virgo Venus

Virgo Venus, you are always on your routines, ensuring your beauty and selfcare routines are at the cornerstone of your life. You are Classic Set with mixed length for effect! For you, you want the tried and trusted. That’s why Classic Set’s live up to their name, they’re forever. Any other routines that may require you to be natural will not interfere with this style, you’re ready to go, Virgo!

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Libra Venus

Libra Venus, you have so many looks and all of them stunning, you see the importance of looking good = feeling good. That you have down pat, you are the Angel Set. You do not need to wake up early and do your hundred step make-up routine, and still look straight out of a dream. Libra’s are the caring angels of the zodiac, so to offer any other style would be HEINOUS. 

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Scorpio Venus

Scorpio Venus, your style is unmatched, your ability to portray the deep penetrative essence you hold ensures you always are the coolest in the room, and I cannot deny that. You are the Choppy lash set with Mega Volume! Even the name of this lash style matches your dark interests. We all know that Scorpios have SEX EYES, and you gotta show off those gorgeous loving eyes of yours in this super sexy set!

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Sagittarius Venus

Sagittarius Venus, you are probably the most comfortable AND the most unique dresser you know. Your style matches your personal interests and philosophical mind. You are the Decal Set. You choose your fave lash style and add your own individual flare. What’s important to you can be expressed right there on your lashes! What could be better, Sag?

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Capricorn Venus

Capricorn Venus, you know what is functional, you know what works. You want a trusted lash-style that won’t get in the way of you dominating that Work Meeting you have. That’s why you are the Arrow Style Set with Mega Volume. Capricorns always just look good, and you will be leaving everyone wondering why your face looks so put together and perfect, the style of this lashes just SNATCH you, Cap. 

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Aquarius Venus

Aquarius Venus, you are soooo unique and you are proud of it love, as you should be. Being able to be SEEN for this is important for you. That’s why you are the Mega Volume with open fan volume and vertical colour fade rainbow lash style! Why choose one colour, when you are the essence and expression of them all! She’s sexy, she’s fun and she’ll for sure turn everyone’s heads to you, Aquarius!

Source: Instagram.com @viperselfcare

Pisces Venus

Pisces Venus, the dreamer, ily. Your daydreams often leak into reality, so why not portray that in your entire essence, Pisces. You are a ‘Mermaid Friendly’ look of course, Angel Set with Mega Volume Cat Eye with Blue Decals! This lash-set is right out of a dream, and gives off all of the magic that you have within you. 

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