Self-care for your Moon Sign 🌙

Self-care for your Moon Sign 🌙

What is your go-to self-care routine? There is something about intending to care and give back to the body and the soul that brings a special kind of rewarding glow that you can’t really re-create any other way. Sure, a great face mask applied while watching a new episode of the latest Netflix release can be self-care, true intentional self care needs to align with what the body is telling you.. sometimes the thought of having to sit for a 15 minute face mask makes me want to do anything but relax.. This is where intentions are brought in, even within the definition of intention we can see that it brings a sense of presence, an inability to discard what the intuition and our self is screaming out to us.

Astrology can help here, you may very well know a little bit about your Moon Sign. And, you may know that it can symbolise the experience we have with our Mother as well as how intuition comes through the body. The Moon also literally rules over or body on this plane of existence. The Moon literally affects WATER, which our bodies are 60% made up of. Connecting to your Moon Sign may be easiest for you during Full Moons. That’s why Full Moon ceremonies or Rituals are so popular, even today in 2023! There is no denying the feeling you get during a Full Moon, there is a racing of memories coming up to the surface for most around the globe during a Full Moon time. Knowing and connecting to your Moon sign can assist in tuning into the physical and spiritual body.

Intentional Self-care is the act of tuning into the Present, into the Body’s experience to sense and give back to the body in the ways it is asking. Choosing rewarding self-care experiences for yourself is in itself intentional. Intention is key in Ritual so it is almost essential to understand and connect deeply to your Moon Sign. Especially if you enjoy taking part in Full Moon rituals for example, self-care, as well as if you take part in body-focused rejuvenation experiences such as massage. Keep reading to understand more about what each Moon Sign needs to feel nourished in self-care and wellness rituals..

*disclaimer: Disclaimer: all astrology readings are interpreted and should not be taken 100%. This is purely created for entertainment for wellness purposes and should not replace professional advice. This interpretation is a basis for understanding yourself. However, you are an entire Natal Chart. To receive a full reading you can book with me under the Offerings Tab.

Aries Moon ☾ A Balanced approach is important for you, Aries Moon. Your subjective experience can be overwhelmed with your excitement for the future, Aries. Channelling your self-care in a way that incorporates experiences that allow you to move, spiritually as well as physically. Doing this could involve a physical experiences such as Body Work, or even Dancing with friends to music to invoke the feminine, are all wonderful examples of self-care experiences that an Aries Moon could greatly connect to. Fire Magic, as well as, physical acts of love to the self would be wonderful for an Aries Moon!

Taurus Moon ☾ You are strong in your personal self-care rituals and routines. These may have been passed down to you or tried and trusted indulgences that have been working well for you for a long time, Taurus Moon. Your ability to connect to the senses should be the focus of your self-care rituals Taurus, invoking all of the senses as part of the experience will create a great mind to body connection. I would recommend investing in beautiful, healing smells, as well as hand-made candles, and crystals/beautiful stones that evoke relaxation. I hope you have a dedicated self-care space as well Taurus Moon and I hope you try to keep it stocked and replenished Taurus Moon! If not, I would say that to do something like this for yourself would be a wonderful act of self-care in itself!

Gemini Moon ☾ Sensory experiences, as well as tactile environments are both very rewarding for a Gemini Moon. For you I would see a Gemini Moon enjoying the act of taking yourself to a flea market or to road trip to visit a close friend would be lovely self-care routines to add to your self-care kit. Changeability is very important to a Mercury ruled Gemini Moon natal. So, engaging in conversations, and involving others, as well as keeping on the move, will all be important to feel comfortable for you! You may find that staying still in meditation may not be the best for how busy you like to be Gemini Moon!

Cancer Moon ☾ Cancer Moon, you may find that ultimately, feeling comfortable as yourself is the key to self-care for you. Cancer Moon is the perfect candidate I would suggest Indulges in entire Rest Days full of self-care routines that are intuitively picked by you for the day. You could be taking yourself out for coffee, snuggling up with a favourite book or planning a date for you and your person. At the end of the ritual, you can summon feelings likened to feeling proud and comfortable after re-connecting to your favourite parts of you on that day.

Leo Moon ☾ Leo Moon, for you self-care is to come from the heart, and needs to really show yourself that you care. For Leo Moons, I advise planning and taking yourself on a shopping day to show yourself that you care, or plan an exciting event for you and your friends. The feeling of love is so important for Leo’s. I’m sure you resonate with connecting with others, or even animals as being a wonderful act of self-care and self-love as well! Leo Moons can have the same routines they even had as children, so connecting to the Inner Child and what they may need is even more important for you!

Virgo Moon ☾ Virgo Moon, you are the self-care routine super-star! You may have a particular thing that you do on the same day every week or when you feel a certain way that brings you back into your body. These routines are even more important for you, a natal Virgo Moon, you know how to care for your body, so don’t let anyone or anything allow to get in the way of a planned self-care experience you have organised Virgo. Self-care needs to be special time that is purely for you to nurture you. Investing in yourself is encouraged Virgo Moon, you do deserve that 12 step body-care routine, make time and make space for it!

Libra Moon ☾ Balance is so important for Libra Moons. So often for you it can be hard to ‘find’ the time to give self-care to yourself. For Libra Moons it is encouraged to involve others in the self-care experiences you enjoy. This can be a way to bond, show love and also show love to yourself at the same time Libra! You can do it all, we know that! This could look like planning a spa day for you and your besties, then going for lunch after-wards to get a good chat in. You get to catch up and share energy with the ones that warm your heart. This would be so balanced and caring for you, Libra Moon!

Scorpio Moon ☾ Whilst it may be difficult sometimes to see past emotionally unbalancing events that life often brings, THESE are the times you need to show self-care to yourself to reassure your body that you are safe to feel emotions and be in the body. Self-care for Scorpio Moons will look like taking time away from the world, and others’ energies to be alone and present with the self. For Scorpio Moons, connecting to Art and artistic expression would be great for the Mars ruled Moon you have. For example, you may enjoy allowing yourself to display parts of yourself through Art. Doing an act like this then shows these parts of you that it is safe to be, this is a wonderful act of Self-care Scorpio.  

Sagittarius Moon ☾ For Sagittarius Moons adventure is important and the key to showing yourself that you care. Allowing yourself to expand and try new things is the way you learn about yourself and your emotions. Staying still in a meditation may be difficult often times Sagittarius Moon, so methods of indirect meditation such as enjoying a Fantasy Novel you enjoy or taking a long hike at a beautiful location will bring so much stillness and ultimately nurturing to you, Sagittarius. You may enjoy particular self-care rituals, I must stress how important it is to you to not be stagnant. A gorgeous self-care routine that a Sagittarius Moon may enjoy may be to research and up-date your Mood Board, or mastering a new Yoga Pose!

Capricorn Moon  Capricorn Moons crave structure to feel safe so much more than any of the other Moon signs, so I recommend prioritising and setting aside a set amount of time as often as you can to maintain your self-care. Capricorn does rule the skin and nails so I would definitely recommend body-care centred rituals for you. Caring for the body, even if there is other things on your mind, for a set amount of time, would be so nurturing for your Saturn-ruled Moon. There is alot you need to take care of in life Capricorn, and to be able to do these things you have to ensure you are listening to your body first! So pre-book those weekly Mani Pedi’s Capricorn, and MAKE SURE you take the time to nurture and listen to your body during this time. Let yourself relax and intentionally tune in to show your body you care.

Aquarius Moon ☾ For Aquarius Moons, community and connection is so important to feel comfortable in the world. Aquarians are naturally gifted in groups, so I would for sure recommend connecting to the community to be at the fore front of the self-care rituals you have. This may look like connecting to a Woman’s Group and doing new interesting things like Cold Dips or breath work to connect to the body whilst being a part of something bigger. Self-care for Aquarius Moons would greatly benefit from adapting your routines to your own body’s cycles and ensuring you are listening to these within you. Connection to the Moon herself would be so nurturing for you, you are possibly naturally more in tune to this subconsciously, try it from a conscious perspective babe!

Pisces Moon ☾ For the Neptunian Pisces Moon it can be so beneficial for you, to take the time and connect with your body in your chosen method of self-care. I want to ensure I’m clear that I want you to not just pick up and adapt one that you have seen someone else have. What will benefit you Pisces may be so very different from those around you. Tuning in, and making sure you are not holding judgement for your own rituals, please Pisces they are perfect for you.For Pisces Moons you are so spiritually gifted so you may find that you need to take part in self-care very frequently. Return love back by showing love to your body whenever you can, Pisces. This is so nurturing for your spiritual special soul!

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