My Journey to studying Astrology

My Journey to studying Astrology

I want to talk about how learning Astrology has reaffirmed a long childhood dream of mine. Astrology has always been a part of my life, even in high school I would always ask everyone’s sign, me proudly announcing that I am a Gemini, well knowing what pop culture Astrology was imprinting into my peers brains. Proud to be one of the least liked, it made sense and allowed my creative interests to flourish. I knew as a Gemini I could handle studying, and learning has always been a part of my life. I had always read, and had a thirst for learning, teaching myself website coding, and even attempting to teach myself the Kanji alphabet at 13, I knew I loved learning.

Long after my school days, I’d spent six years at University and decided to defer my last degree due to Mental Health issues. These are long-term issues that I had been suffering alone with my whole life. I was distraught, but the habits I had taken up to be able to part take in a studious life style were bringing the world down around me. I had to give it up. Giving up was not usually an issue for me, but it was in this giving up I looked around me and realised that I really did not like where I was. I knew I was well out of touch with myself and my spirit. From studying, you pick up different and unique jobs, anything that can bring some income in, and preferably large amounts of income.  because as the first in my family to complete a University degree, means I came from a well below low income family. And these jobs weren’t kind to my soul or my body. But I feel we can all relate too well to this.

Knowing I had no degree to look forward to left my life extremely bleak, all I had were miserable casual jobs to attend. Where I bounced around from one profession to the next, learning from the bosses I had around me was all I really had. When your soul craves for something not knowing why is a weird path to be on.

Promptly, I then find myself in 2020 and I find myself unable to return to study, unable to even return to work now. All I had was my tarot deck and thankfully I did survive through the online world. Working online, I found myself in yet another time filling job, desperately learning from my peers in awe of their creativity and thirst to find themselves. I wanted to know what that was like, to create from the heart. I am scouring the internet for courses and information, and a sign of hope through all of this. Which is when though doing Tarot readings on the side, I met real Astrologers. Astrology I only knew from books my mother kept on the top shelf. I did not know this was a study, an art, a research topic that was so broad people spend their lives dedicated to it. It was like something woken up inside of me. I had pushed through an alternative life-style for such a long time I had no idea how I had never realised that becoming an Astrologer was not a little childish dream. I knew my hungry brain would forever be unquenched by Astrology, with it being so deep and an almost lost art I felt a desires to understand how to begin this journey.

I’d been secretly engaging and devouring Astrology content whilst at every single shitty job I had, even after I’d spent nights completing a group assignment, I’d pull up my team members Astrology data to dwell in why our interactions were a certain way, or how to work better together on the next assignment. But I never really truly could help myself or anyone around me, I could pick apart their personality, and with my own psychic intuition create a story but I had no idea how to read a Natal Chart or even begin with making predictions.

After a prompt burn-out in yet another time-filling job, this was during the Cancer Capricorn Axis Eclipses, I logged on one day and left a pain-filled message and began deleting all of my accounts knowing this wasn’t what I wanted. Even though I knew I could barely understand Astrology I knew I had to at least persevere in this path. I had to deliver to myself what fuelled me, what loved me and healed me. I had been studying the Tarot for several years at this point, I did not bring in much from my readings, but any small amount that I could slowly put towards a chance at studying Astrology properly was all I needed. I wanted to know even for myself, how to see where in life I will feel uplifted and inspired. Where I should go now to bring desire and creative self expression back into my life. I didn’t realise how much this was for me, and how much I could learn and help people with Astrology tools.

Fast forward to now, I am so glad I took that chance, where I am now I am still removing all that isn’t me, I knew that was not a way to live, not at all. Just following one interest after the other, not knowing why or even asking for whom. When I began to understand Astrology, what I saw astounded me, I may be incorrect but I do believe it is my gift in this life to study and share Astrology with those around me. Even though I am still just in the very beginnings of my journey I have come so far. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life in pursuit of Astrology knowledge.

Studying Astrology has helped me gain insight into why I desire knowledge, and why I need to follow that passion, to be authentic to myself. And why my passion is Astrology in this life! And that to know this in my knowing now, really is the greatest gift of all. I could not have done any of this if it weren’t for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology. I haven’t seen myself make leaps in understanding anything to this extent so quickly!

Even after the first part of the course, I had began giving insanely accurate readings for my friends who insisted on paying me because of the worth and the insight I gave them. If my story can give you anything it is to not walk away from a desire, because a single desire sparks an opportunity and an opportunity can open a door. I now have such wonderful hope for myself and for the world, if you feel called to study Astrology, The Cosmic Academy has now opened the doors for enrolment, and you can sign up here

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 Thanks for reading,

 I love you


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