Journal Prompts for January’s Full Moon in Leo 💫

Journal Prompts for January’s Full Moon in Leo 💫

Full Moons are the most illuminating time of the Lunar phase, the Full moon represents the Mother, and is the period of 2-3 days where the Sun is exactly Opposite the Moon. We are given a chance to face the Polarity of what we have birthed or what we are experiencing in our worlds since the new moon. What is being asked of us with the illumination of opposition in the skies, is to release and reflect on how to create a safe and stable container for what we truly value. Full Moons can feel confronting and we can be more prone to experiencing projections, so this phase would be best used for intentions based around healing, balance and honouring your emotions and your truth. 

It can be difficult depending on your Natal Chart configurations to connect to the duality of the energy expressed in each Full Moon so I have written Full Moon Journal Prompts. I always use Full Moons as an opportunity to journal for self-reflecting and release and you are welcome to start a journaling practice too should you feel called to. I will be sharing Journal Prompts all year long so make sure you’re subscribed to my email list, sign up at the bottom of this page now so you do not miss out on any month’s entries.

I recommend completing these Journal Prompts while sitting underneath the Full Moon’s glow on the 25/26th of January 2024 however the Full Moon period can last up to 3 days, giving you plenty of opportunity to sit and reflect on what is coming up around this highly illuminating time of the Lunar Phase. Brew yourself some relaxing tea and allow yourself to connect to the intuitive and emotional guidance being delivered by the Moon’s beautiful light.

If you want to know more about journaling and the connection I have with this healing tool please let me know in the comments and I can make specific content on different Journalling practices connected to Astrological Energy for healing, self discovery, shadow-work and more. 

I hope you are feeling the love from this Full Moon in Leo, if you want to know more on what this lunation means for you and your Astrological Sign please check out my “Full Moon in Leo Horoscope for all 12 Signs + Journal Prompts ❤️‍🔥 OPEN YOUR HEART” Upload for January 2024’s Full Moon Predictions. 

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