5 June Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Venus moves into Leo!

5 June Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Venus moves into Leo!

Welcome to your Week Ahead Horoscope for this week 5 June – 11 June! We’re coming off the Full Moon of Sagittarius. The Full Moon was expressive and necessary, bringing back themes from the 2020-2021 eclipse cycle. The Full Moon that happened over the weekend just past, highlighted just how hard we’ve worked to get to where we are now. With this we are given a chance to sit in gratitude and back off slightly to re-focus and create new, now. After experiencing the freedom seeking energy of the Full Moon, we move into even more fire energy this week.

We begin this week on Monday with Venus moving into the proud sign of Leo. Venus will stay in this sign all the way up to October due to the retrograde cycle. Venus in Leo is a time where we can feel much more dramatic and expressive, with Mars and Black Moon Lilith also in Leo, expect to fight to hold onto your own personal truth. From now until October expect to feel a lot more fired up and dedicated when it comes to your own personal goals, beliefs, ideals and passions.

Venus in Leo will exactly oppose Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius, on the following day. The Collective transformations that are currently occurring in all of us will be triggered on Tuesday. There is a lot of tension with the T-square energy that this opposition is part of, and this energy is pushing us to the point of personal crisis. However we may find it easier than usual to see an end, or a way out of this crisis, due to the protective nature of both Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Leo will both be squaring Pluto in Aquarius. The ambitious planet, Pluto aspecting Venus and Jupiter can bring in protection for transformations. Positive transformations can feel more supported in this energy. This energy encourages searching for fulfilment, so keep trying new things, one of them is going to fit you and your needs just perfect.  

Due to Uranus, Mercury, North Node and Jupiter all being in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus, what Venus is up to now will be packing way more of an obvious punch to all of our personal lives. There will be a lot of Leo energy for the rest of the year, so I have to stress how impactful this time may be for all Leos and Fire Signs! We’re leading with our hearts in this energy, so any inner child work, or marriages would be so successful during this time. To find out more about what Venus in Leo will have in store for you and your Rising Sign keep reading or jump to the end for the all 12 signs forecast ↴

On Friday, the 9th Venus in Leo will square the Collective North node at 3 degrees Taurus. This is further reiterating the benefits that are being blessed upon us right now. Venus the planet of connection and romance aspecting the North Node can allow for *exciting* but over-the-top offers coming through. With Jupiter so close too, this is beautiful energy that will push you to where you need to be in relationships. If you’re feeling like you’ve wanted to share more of your open-hearted ness to people around you, this energy will be encouraging this.

There is more transformation and support coming for our goals and ambitions. Pluto will officially be back in the sign of Capricorn from Sunday, the 11th. Pluto hit 0 degrees of Aquarius earlier this year, where she has been strengthening the compassionate hearts of all of humanity. She is retrograde and will be moving through Capricorn until next year! Expect past healing to will be re-opened and tended to with this energy, especially for Earth dominant charts.

Capricorn also ruses over our work and ambitions, so you may find that your goals may change 1000 times over the rest of the year. Keep tabs on where you are feeling lit up and excited for, when Pluto stations direct in October, further secrets will be revealed. This will help make all of the hard decisions for you. There is a lot of wrapping up of karma with this Pluto retrograde, so be kind to yourself especially if you are an Earth dominant chart. We are all changing and finalising a lot of healing work, so be so proud of how far you’ve come in the past 10+ years!

Check out the insight below for your Rising, Sun AND Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this transit will be affecting you! 


Compromise is being encouraged in the realm of friendships, and the people you keep close to you, Aries. There is a lot of healing coming through with this Venus in Leo transit, especially for your inner child and healing child-hood wounds. This can also bring powerful energy for reconnecting with hobbies. These hobbies could even generate income or bring a sense of worth to yourself. You deserve to have a fun life, Aries.


Compromise is coming through events in the home with this Venus in Leo transit, Taurus. You’re expanding on the different ways you relate to yourself and you could be going through a complete personal *rebrand* during this time. Your old ways of presenting yourself to others, or connect with yourself are being revitalised. Surrender to the knowing that change is apparent in life, you can fight it or you can direct it to better align to your values. You decide, Taurus.


There is change happening right now to the way you travel through the world, or how you communicate to the world at large. With the Venus in Leo transit, up until October expect to feel more blessed or supported in your communications. You could experience positive offers coming through or seed new cycles in your relationships with your siblings/grandparents. You have healed so much in private and this is really being made apparent at this time. You may feel ready to try a new course of study and this is really supported with this ingress of Venus into Leo.


There is compromise coming through the home with this Venus in Leo transit, for Cancers and Cancer Risings. You may feel more protected at this time to sign contracts and accept new offers to bring in additional income. The networks you keep will be more important than ever. You’re being encouraged with this energy to meet new people and give new energy to your dreams. There is karma to be wrapped up with past relationships, awareness in how much you’ve changed will be celebrated.


You are being blessed with this Venus in Leo transit, and over the next few months Leo, you will be the star of the show. If you’ve just been pushing forward with no-one else but yourself Leo, that is coming to an end, expect hope and literal help to come forward from people in your life. Before new relationships can come through for you Leo, you’re being asked to work a little more for yourself at this time. Don’t feel selfish, attention ebbs and flows, and as a Leo you deserve to work on yourself. If you feel like that resonates, go for it!


Virgos may feel more restless with this transit, there is a lot of hermit energy here. Your day-to day life may be asking you to work and push for your healing more diligently. You may be having trouble sleeping, or wanting to socialise and this is because there’s a secret goal or new learning pursuit that is taking up a lot of your time. With Venus in Leo your healing is being tested. During this time I want you to ask yourself, ,Can you fight for your own healing, if you needed to ? ’


This Venus in Leo transit will be bringing in new and exciting developments in friendships and with community. You may be very busy with this energy, Libra and you may not want to spend time sitting still. It may feel more draining than usual to be stagnant, but there is intention being asked of you, with this energy. Your sense of loyalty and to whom may be tested during this time. Your may find yourself feeling more protected with Venus blessing your friendships and dreams, so just enjoy this time, Libra.


Compromise is coming through the home and your career at this time Scorpio. With Venus in Leo there is blessings and literal help coming from others close to you with this energy. There is a new cycle beginning in your home, but before that can happen there is communications that need to take place to really set the foundations in place. Take help if it comes, Scorpio. Right up until October, please do accept that people in your life want to help you.  


There is compromise coming in with your inner philosophies and what communications have been coming through, Sagittarius. You may be asked to lower your expectations for your own protection with Venus in Leo. This energy can bring a lot of excess and excitement, try not to start too many little fires you cannot put out yourself. This is a more positive time for Fire signs right now. You may feel more protected especially to speak up!


There is compromise coming in and further developments happening with your personal healing journey Capricorn. With Venus moving into Leo expect possible inheritances or developments in contracts and healing to go your way, all the way up until October. You may experience unexpected blessings during this time. You’re going to be in expansive and creative energy for new projects and hobbies. Try new things, Capricorn you may surprise yourself in what actually sticks and becomes a great part of your everyday!


Compromise is coming in through relationships and with your personal transformations, Aquarius. You may feel in the air there is change coming but what does this look like? Before you can take action you need intention.  There is great energy to create intentional foundations, especially with your partner and with your self-healing during this time. Venus in Leo will be blessing and allowing passion to come in from close relationships so expect to feel more romantic or connected to those close to you during this time.


Compromise is coming through with your daily routines, Pisces. Expect blessings during this Venus in Leo transit for your day-to-day routines and work. There is expansive value being brought in by communications during this time and this is allowing you to feel a lot better about the habits you’ve been doing on a day-to-day. Allow yourself to be proud in yourself for getting yourself here. There is so much to be grateful for, and Venus in Leo will really be bringing the grateful, heart-felt vibes we all need right now.

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