3 July Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Full Moon in Capricorn!

3 July Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Full Moon in Capricorn!

We are now in July! This Cancer Season so far has been extremely emotional and if you have been feeling confused or unable to see a true path forward there is help coming with this week’s Full Moon in Capricorn. On Monday, 3rd of July we have an emotionally illuminating, but needed Full Moon in Capricorn. This Full Moon will be opposite Mercury in Cancer. This can be a time of intense frustration with where we are going as well as our own inner thoughts. The path that our body feels called towards and what will best fuel us may feel especially tiring and full of burdens. However the Full Moon is trining Jupiter in Taurus, this indicates intense protection for our bodies through this energy.

This week up until 26 of July, the Sun in Cancer will be trining Saturn Retrograde in Pisces. If we can surrender to allowing emotions to come up and pass we can sense just how to allow spirit to guide us to a more self-compassionate place. This Full Moon brings more need to release than ever. What is your body telling you? She will only get more frustrated and unwell the more you ignore these feelings. To find out more at what is being highlighted to be surrendered under this Full Moon in Capricorn jump for the all 12 signs forecast below. ↴

On the same day as the Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus in Leo will square Jupiter in Taurus. Venus is closely conjunct to Mars in Leo, so this energy will further bring frustration and discomfort with YOU and how those close to you are treating you. Our own inner philosophies could be holding us back here. This Full Moon calls for acceptance and surrender more than ever. There is a lot of energy right now showing us how we are only hurting ourselves by not protecting ourselves. Your intuition may be *screaming* at you at this time, but so long as you can discern here what is you and what isn’t, there is likelihood for beautiful connected and intuitively guided insight to come through under this Full Moon.

On Friday the 7th of July, the intense intuitive hits may begin to make more sense as Mercury in Cancer will sextile Jupiter in Taurus. The energy of this day is just beautiful for writers and Mothers. Once we release the need to control how we are feeling we can enjoy the rest of the week. With the sun trining Saturn Retrograde for the next few weeks, we can really connect to our creativity and joy so long as we are trusting our inner compass and allowing what needs to come up to do so.

There was a video I saw from a Doctor online, recognising that it takes only 90 seconds to metabolise an emotion. This is pertinent knowledge for the collective right now. Especially with Venus and Mars in Leo, we all need to fight for ourselves but where are you pushing where no one is even listening. You rallying and showing up for yourself every day is enough, you do not need to convince those around you to see the importance of this for you. You holding space for yourself for roughly 2 minutes to allow yourself to feel and really give a safe container for your emotions is all that you need to let this emotion then go. Inner respect may be coming up for a lot of us right now.

Keep reading below for your Rising, Sun AND Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this week Astrologically will be affecting you! ↴


The Full Moon in Capricorn may be especially frustrating for 0 - 15 degree Aries and Aries Rising and with this you can expect this energy to possibly play out in the home, with your family dynamics or out in the world in your career. There is something you need to nurture within the home, you may feel sick or unwell and there is pressure coming through how you show up in the world. Often times the body will shut down and be unwell just due to unresolved emotions so please if you can take time to R&R this week. You may just find that you will then feel more comfortable and supported to surrender and release these emotions.


This Full Moon in Capricorn may offer for Taurus Rising intense intuitively guided information to come through the body. With this you can feel more comfortable in your hopes and dreams that you are working towards at this time. For Taurus and Taurus Rising you may feel drawn to travel and visit a close-by spot that makes you feel nurtured and supported. I do encourage working or surrounding yourself in water under this Full Moon for Taurus.


The Full Moon in Capricorn for Gemini and Gemini Rising may be especially illuminating bringing in intense insight for a money making opportunity. There may be inner frustration with how you can see the path of this playing out, but trust Gemini, this strong guidance is here now to support you and allow you to surrender. Often times the way things turn out are nothing like you have imagined. I recommend surrendering and allowing yourself to see different ways of seeing this opportunity through.


For Cancer and Cancer Rising the Full Moon in Capricorn on Monday will be intense and releasing for you especially. We are in the depths of Cancer Season and you may be pushed into the spotlight thanks to a colleague or especially nurturing relationship. You may be feeling very busy during this Full Moon, Cancer. If you can journal down the intuitive hits you have been getting especially during this Full Moon you will be able to connect better to them. For 0-15 Degrees Cancer this Full Moon may be very emotional so do be kind and give your body what it needs. Allow yourself to feel.


For Leo under this Full Moon in Capricorn your dreams may be exceptionally intense. There may be intuitively guided information given to you under this Full Moon so keep a dream journal especially this week. Your Health may be on your mind during this time, any changes you implement now, to your daily routine are needed right now to further show you just why this guidance is needed to be delivered to you at this time.


This Full Moon in Capricorn for Virgo and Virgo Rising is bringing in a supportive structure for you to achieve long held dreams. There is a dream you have been following and trusting in that will be on your mind during this Full Moon, Virgo. You may feel the need to release old paradigms and structures to implement a new one, trust that if you feel guided and supported to do this that it is perfect for you, and your dreams may materialise now, especially those to do with healing, the family and finances.


For Libra and Libra Rising, the Full Moon in Capricorn may be offering you a safe place to emote and bring in structure for healing. This Full Moon may be very enlightening for a career and home matter for Libras. You may be signing a contract to do with these areas of life, under this lunation. You are putting in hard work and discipline everyday and with that you need to rest just as hard, Libra. This is a great time to treat and reward yourself in the ways that make you feel supported and nurtured.


This weeks’ Full Moon in Capricorn for Scorpio and Scorpio Rising can bring interesting conversations regarding structure that needs to be brought in for a future travel or study endeavour. Intuitive Insight may be coming through philosophical talks and work that you do Scorpio, so ensure you are listening in to what your body is trying to tell you on Monday. This is a beautiful time for surrender to what is coming up for Scorpios, to enjoy and be more creative during this time.


For Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising, the Full Moon in Capricorn will be allowing you to release structures that do not have your healing and safety in mind. You may be thinking during this time about taking on a new shadow work activity. This would be a great full moon for Sagittarius to partake in ritual especially those to do with self-worth and self love. There may be a lot of inner fears circulating for you during this time, listen to what these may be showing you, where you need to focus and ground in and heal.


For Capricorn, this Full Moon is in your sign, so this will be especially illuminating for you. There is strong intuitive guidance coming through under this lunation for you, and in your relationships. You may be letting go of people that do not have a place in the future structures you want to initiate later this month. This Full Moon is asking you to release and surrender this NOW. With this you will feel more comfortable and supported by the company you do keep.


The Full Moon in Capricorn for Aquarius and Aquarius Rising may be leaving you especially frustrated with your health and your work. There may be fears coming up through your dreams during this week Aquarius and I urge you to pay attention with how you feel in your body. You may be finding a new health practitioner during this week or looking for help with these. There is structure that you can create that makes you feel more comfortable in your body if you can release inner fears now.


For Pisces and Pisces Rising the Full Moon in Capricorn on Monday will be very intuitively guided. For early to mid degrees Pisces there will be intense insight and downloads coming through for you. Especially from your inner child. You are being encouraged at this time to create a structure for materialisation of your dreams. You may find yourself given an opportunity to do something you love and this opportunity may be asking you to release. With this you can make room for this. If it brings you joy, accept it Pisces, you deserve it!

Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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