3 April Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Full Moon in Libra!

3 April Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Full Moon in Libra!

Welcome to your Week Ahead Horoscope for this week 3 April to 9 April 2023! Jump to the End to watch along on YouTube if that is your thing!

We are leading up to the Energetic Highlight this week of the full Moon in Libra that is happening on the 6th of April! We start the week however, with the Moon in Virgo, we’re doing the busy work, the prepping as we head towards the full moon stage. The moon is waning, we can see what has come to fruition since the new moon,  and we are re-assessing our intentions taking into account what is happening in our reality.

On Tuesday the 4th Mercury will ingress into Taurus so what is happening now, we’re intuitively already feeling the Value shift that is to take place, in our bodies, we are going to be feeling more ready to show this on our sleeve. Mercury in Taurus will make a square Pluto in Aquarius, bringing the feeling of a collective pull to transmute and be ready to enter where the world is. We can sense and feel collectively what the Universe is asking of us now and we can feel the tense crisis within us, especially if we are not feeling actually ready and ‘there’ yet.

This Mercury transit will be important this time around, as there is currently a Stellium all in Taurus with the Collecting North node. This energy is highlighting what is going to happen during Mercury Retrograde on the 21st of April, pay attention during this ingress into Taurus, it will important to see what you may be going back over during Mercury Retrograde.

Wednesday 5th, the Moon will enter Libra, she is nearly full at this point. The Moon in Libra will square Mars in Cancer. This is indicative energy of a possible emotional crisis on this day, especially in partnerships, or in the work environment with colleagues. We can see now what we have created and what has come through from the intentions we seeded with the new moon in Aries, now that the moon is in Libra.

On Thursday the 6th we have the Full Moon in Libra, this full moon will go opposite Chiron, and really looks to me like a values test. There is a sense of emotional strain and pressure possibly put on partnerships right now as we’re being tested. New ness can come now, if we are ready to accept this within our selves and if the people around us are ready to accept this from us too. You may be feeling you need support right now from others, don’t be afraid to ask for it because we can’t do this alone!

Mercury in Taurus will Conjoin the collective North Node and will also square Pluto and Trine Mars! As uranus is involved, this is a shocking revelation, looking like we are feeling strengthened in the way we feel! That pushing feeling of the world asking more of you is prevalent. If you’re ready to go against the grain and show up as you are now, as your authentic self! Even if the world isn’t ‘ready’  to accept you, the universe is asking this of us.

Friday the Moon enters Scorpio, this is a much more heavy feeling to enter the weekend on.  Especially as it will square pluto in Aquarius. There is an inner change, we can feel it after the full moon. During the  culmination we see where in our relationships we are being strengthened or not. We’ve made that inner change regardless, we feel the karmic shift within to be this way now.

This Saturday the Moon will go opposite Mercury in Taurus. So, there will be a chance to speak about the emotional upsets or why you sense the need to integrate this inner change now. The Moon will also Sextile Mars in cancer, so appropriate emotions will be encouraged to be expressed. Overall you may feel a bit dark this day, the Moon will also go opposite Uranus, encouraging to allow pain to settle as there is a sense that we need to feel this intensity now as it is obvious now what changes the world has made and what the reality is here.

On Sunday the 9th, the moon will go void for 3-4 hours then move into Sagittarius. We end this week with Moon in Sagittarius sextile Pluto in Aquarius. This brings energy of inner transformation happening in the collective that is being aided by our own personal insights and the freedom we want as a collective!

Read ahead now for your Rising, Sun & Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this week’s planetary influences will be affecting you!



This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in partnerships and also directly showing up within yourself as you’ve expanded so much, Aries. You’ve really taken the initiative to show up as you are right now, even if you are in the healing process. Under this Full Moon, you’re asking for support right now from your partner. There may be an opportunity or a crisis showing up that allows your partner to show up and show you that they are here to support you. Pluto is squaring this Full Moon, indicating transformation due to feeling as if you are not supported in your dreams. There is great energy to have these conversations now, Aries. There is a need to work spiritually in solitude with this energy to ground into how you are really feeling.


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in your 6th house, you’re feeling encouraged to be there and present in your day to day routine, but there is a lot of healing and so much work going on behind the scenes right now for you. Under this Full Moon there might be a need to spend time away from the world, Taurus. But you’re doing a lot of healing in your self, actually the healing you are doing is actively helping you in career as well Taurus! You are so deserving of that, so make sure to take the time to do that for yourself this week!


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in the house of joy for you. Under this Full Moon you are feeling like you need to creatively expand, and you friendships may not be supportive of this. So, you’re thinking about how you can expand and be more positive about the people that you’re bringing into your life, Gemini. This may all be to do with new study ventures you want to partake in, so do not let the past hold you back and make sure you’re nurturing your creativity this week!


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in the home for you, Cancer. You’re feeling like you need to be more supported in the home, possibly to do with new exciting developments in your career, Cancer. You’re actively seeing that you need to transform in certain ways and your home environment or workplace may be pushing you in these directions. Under the Full Moon there is support happening for you in the spiritual to do with taking the necessary action towards healing that needs to be done, Cancer.


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in Communications your having Leo. You may be having communication with those close to you, or those in your neighbourhood. You may be inspired by others that are different from you in philosophical aspects, or they may hold a different lifestyle from you. You’re having discussions with these people, that are far from you. Overall, you’re feeling more nurtured to have conversations with the people that are not necessarily close to you but you wish were closer to you this week, Leo.


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up to do with finances, Virgo. For you Virgo, this week your feeling nurtured in your resources to partake in a new healing development. You may be healing financial woundings in a grounded way. There is new action being taken under this Full Moon, towards establishing new things for your day-to-day routines! You may be getting new support in your health which is so amazing for you this week, Virgo!


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up with you at the focus, Libra! As this Full Moon puts the spotlight on you Libra, you may be more busy at this time, or even seen in the public eye especially with your partner or business associates. There is new beauty and healing being taken on by you and in your partnerships. This is being welcomed by transforming the way that you create and enjoy life. You’re finding new things you enjoy, Libra. You may be sharing these new exciting hobbies with your close friends or romantic partner!


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in your twelfth house of healing, dear Scorpio. You may feel called to be in solitude at this time, which is not unusual for you, Scorpio. Pay attention how you need to nurture your own healing in relation to the habits that you may have, or in relation to how you may want to heal these. During this Full Moon there is a supportive energy for you, in your partnerships, Scorpio! Connect with those close to you and allow a transformation to happen for you!


This Full Moon in Libra happening on the 6th will show up in a positive way for you this week Sagittarius. You are given new light under this Full Moon in Libra, to do with your creative drive or hopes and dreams. An overall positive energy for you this week, Sagittarius. Communication may be strained at this time. You’re expanding on how you have fun, but you’re looking to reach a new height of freedom within this Sagittarius. There is nurturing coming in from your dreams or from your friends so lean on those people at this time.


This Full Moon in Libra is showing up for you in the home and in your career, Capricorn. You are feeling nurtured in this, and possibly getting some recognition in your career this week. You may be actively implementing healing in the home, or creating a more healing space for yourself. Capricorn, you may be feeling stressed with resources at this time due to the Pluto Square hitting your 2nd house of resources, but you’re getting support right now possibly from children or from the things that light you up in life. Allow transformations to happen when you lean into what brings you joy, Capricorn.


This Full Moon in Libra is showing up for you in the house of higher education and long distance travel, Aquarius. You’re being asked to nurture or give more light to a new development here for yourself. This is all being helped by someone communicating or sharing ideas with you, and you are feeling like this is bringing in healing for you, Aquarius. When you can engage with this energy you can transform yourself and how you are seen in the world.


This Full Moon in Libra might be a bit tumultuous for you, Pisces. As this is showing up in your 8th house, however this is bringing light towards all of the things you have been putting in the shadows, saying you’ll work on at a later date. This is a great time for shadow-work Pisces, and there is an ability here to create more value for yourself as well. A light is shown here for you surrounding the active transformations happening in your healing. These are being actively helped by those around you, your neighbours, siblings or even Grand Parents. People have a lot to share with you, to help you with your value systems Pisces!

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