29 May Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Sagittarius Full Moon

29 May Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Sagittarius Full Moon

Welcome to your Week Ahead Horoscope for this week 29 May – 4 June! I really can’t believe that it is going to be June! Gemini Season is well underway and as this week begins the Moon will be in waxing moon phase. We’re leading up to the Full moon in Sagittarius occurring on the 4/5 th. You’re welcome to jump to the end for your rising signs horoscope if you prefer or continue reading to learn more about the Astro-vibe this week!  

This week, there is a stellium happening with the Collective North Node, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus all being in Taurus. The Venusian ruled sign really is the star of the show right now. The area of life that Taurus rules is being heavily UPGRADED!! There is so much energy in Taurus, and with Venus at the end Degrees of Cancer this is really allowing us release but there is an emotionally dramatic tone to the energy right now. There is excitement and growth happening but it can also feel very slow and quite draining.

The Moon will go into Scorpio on Thursday, opposite all of the energy in Taurus. The Moon in Scorpio will be highlighting the benefits/effects of the changes that are happening right now and how these are affecting the body. If it is a quiet, melancholy weekend of solitude, lean into it. There is great amount of change happening with our inner value systems and the Scorpio energy will be giving a compromise that we can take and run with with. The feelings that are brought to the surface are not forever, they are however, helping give energy to these shifts.

On the 2nd of June Jupiter will exactly conjoin the Collective North Node. This conjunction has potential to give some confidence to the fated direction we are headed in. There is energy here where there is actualisation, we can see exactly how we can be consciously involved here. The Collective may be shaken up, and changed dramatically with this transit. This day I expect to see intense changes all around, especially for relationships, financial markets, the beauty industry, as well as property.

Jupiter can bring excess and this conjunction is closely conjunct Asteroid Medusa. Medusa in Taurus can give you Heaven on Earth, and with this fated point in the sky being involved, the entire of the collective is along for the ride here. We are not alone in these changes,  these are happening to EVERYONE. Medusa can bring often terrifying, scary awareness of the darkness within, all so we can confront this. Excess of this shocking and awakening energy can be draining, so leaning on like-minded people around you may be important on Friday, share these changes that you’re implementing, to free and release yourself.  

The vibe is stable, yet intense this week and on Saturday the 3rd we have, Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Venus is with Asteroid Lilith and with the Medusa connection, this bring transformative chain-breaking energy and I’m personally loving it. With Asteroid Lilith conjunct Venus in Cancer and all of the energy right now in Taurus, this is amplifying our inner values and how they have shifted from where we’ve been and where we know we need to go. Art and possible recognition may be found on this day for peoples to find their way to heal through the arts and heal suppressed rage. This will be encouraged with the Full Moon will be in Sagittarius that is excited for new things and is just so ready to release and allow for the expression of new things.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees, will occur on the 4th of June at 1pm east. This Full Moon is Trine Mars in Leo, there is passion and drive about what we are innovating and making changes towards. However, with this Full Moon squaring Saturn in Pisces there is restrictions placed on what we can really achieve right now. There is a chance for compromise here and there are people that want to support you in what you want to release, so you can move into new. With the Sun in Gemini, there may be highlighted messages coming through of what is to be released for you.  



This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of releasing what stands between you and a possible over-seas travel goal, a study pursuit. You could be spending this Full Moon recognising parts of your inner philosophy   you do no longer resonate with. This may be a busy period for you Aries, try to take some moments to write down all of the ideas that may be coming through.


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of releasing what stands between you and really big goals that you’ve possibly had for a very long time. Be careful with money this week Taurus, this Full Moon may be showing you where you need to tighten up with your financial concerns. This may be a more mundane Full Moon, where you’re more self-reflective than usual, sit in this energy and let go of what is holding you down Taurus.


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of releasing a relationship or aspect of yourself that is causing conflict. There may be important discussions or conclusions made during this time. These are important especially as we are in Gemini Season, there will be changes to bring through new beginnings for Gemini’s. What and how you let go during this Full Moon may be remembered for a long-time.


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of letting go to make room for new-ness in your healing and health journey, Cancer. You’re going to feel so free post this Full moon. For Cancer Sun’s this will be a more contemplative and quieter Full Moon, so sit it out if you don’t feel up to keeping up will all of the other signs this lunation.


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of letting go of friendships or dreams that you really do not align with any further. With Mars being in your sign Trining this moon, what you passionately release may be very long over-due. You want to try new things and you have to make room for that Leo.


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of letting go of a source of work or possibly someone close to you may be moving or encouraging you to move.  There may be endings in close personal relationships with this Full Moon to further your healing, choose what feels good Virgo.  


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of releasing what is keeping you from speaking your mind Libra. There may be themes of acute illness and confusing events happening with your health so you may not be feeling too positive, Libra. Your personal philosophy may have changed due to these confusing events and you want to share this with those close to you. Your knowledge and your ability to share what you’ve learnt is being lit up at this time.


This Full Moon will be bringing through themes of releasing or paying off debt or needing to invest at this time for study/career. With this moon highlighting your 8th house of healing and karma, there is a lot of healing and letting go of karmic pain with this Full Moon. Do not waste this energy, this is a pertinent time for release rituals.


This Full Moon will be a very exciting one for Sagittarius’, with Mars trining your sign right now in Leo there is so much exciting and passionately inspired energy coming through an exciting adventure you’ve been planning. This Full Moon will be allowing you to let go of what you’re not 100% sure on so you can really enjoy this adventure. You may be letting go in close relationships and/or with your self Sag! This Full Moon could see you making changes for yourself, inside or out.


This Full Moon will be quieter for Capricorns, you may find yourself letting go to spend more time in solitude. You could be having heightened dreams that encourage healing during this Full Moon, keeping note of the themes of the dreams you’ve been having during the weekend may be very useful during this time. With Mars in Leo trining this Lunation you may be exhausted with all of the healing work you’ve been working on but there is still more to be done. Don’t waste this energy!


This full moon will be bringing through themes of letting go to make room for new-ness in your hobbies or with Children, Aquarius! You may have been feeling the urge to try new things or start a new career even, but there is a holding back at this time, to release old hopes or dreams that you do not even want to pursue further, this is a transformative time for you, allow yourself to shift and change to better align the new you you’re feeling inside, Aquarius.


This full moon will be bringing through themes of moving or letting go of career pursuit that may be bringing in stress in your life, Pisces. This full moon brings through discipline in things you’ve been saying you’re going to achieve. Your letting go finally so you can achieve this new innovations. There is Square energy that this moon is making to your sign/Ascendant, so this may be a more troubling time emotionally. Take the time to think things through right now, Pisces.

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