10 July Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Mars in Virgo!

10 July Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Mars in Virgo!

We begin this week with the Moon in Aries and the Moon on Monday will be separating from her last quarter. There has been great stress or crisis shadowing our lives over the weekend just gone. There is helpful energy coming later in the day, with Mars moving into Virgo. Mars will move into Virgo just before 10pm AEST.

Mars entering the sacrificial sign of Virgo will allow us to better show up in service more, compared to when Mars was in Leo! Mars in Virgo will create more of a flow of energy and ability to tune into the Jupiter in Taurus transit and make moves within this positive energy. Mars in the Mercury ruled sign, whilst Mercury is in the last degrees of Cancer and moving away from the sun. can bring a focus to the emotions that have helped us see the true, honest details. Our emotions can be beautiful transporters. We can use these emotions felt during this Cancer Season, to better discern and judge what is helpful to move through. We can be feeling more analytical of our actions and they will overall be more rational and logical. To find out more about where you may be seeing this helpful passion unfold for your rising sign, jump to the all 12 signs forecast below. ↴

This Mars in Virgo transit will be especially helpful, as the North Node will be moving into the Mars ruled Aries next week. With Mars transits becoming especially pertinent for the next 2 years, Mars being in Virgo during this shift will make us all extremely aware and analytical of our patterns of nervousness. With this energy we can feel more interested to move and make a change to show up better to serve ourselves. This shift of the Collective North Node will encourage a focus on our own experiences and what we can begin to create for ourselves.

The Moon in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday. After which, the Moon will ingress into Taurus before Mercury enters Leo in the afternoon on Tuesday. Mercury entering Leo will of course affect how the Sun in Cancer will be further utilised, we are moving away from feeling sorry for ourselves with this energy. Emotional experiences within the energy of Cancer are very helpful to bring self compassion and nurturing through what we are feeling. Mercury moving from Cancer to Leo will create more energy where we are thinking about how we can create more fun in our lives now we have released stuck emotions. We may be looking to intuiting from our past experiences whilst Mercury is in Leo. We are being pushed to think in just how our inner experience and thoughts are affecting our ambitions. During this transit we may be feeling much more expressive and focused on creating success for ourselves.

The biggest shifts will all be felt more earlier in the week. After which, the Moon will enter Gemini on Thursday. This will bring more comfort in being creative. We will be feeling more aware of the details and how to put these together by being more flexible. The Moon will be decreasing in light more and more through-out the week as we approach the New Moon in Cancer next week on the 18th. For more on this lunation, make sure to sign up to my exclusive email collective to receive horoscopes for your Rising Sign straight to your Inbox, scroll to the end of this webpage to sign up today!



For Aries there may be a strong focus beginning to show up, for your daily routines and health. With Mars ingressing into Virgo this week, Aries can expect to tune into the subtle details of how you are really feeling on a daily basis. This may feel uncomfortable and you may be feeling inspired to revise what you are doing for work. This transit will feel more restrictive for Aries and Aries Rising in the next few weeks but for now, drop into an analytical and flexible mind to assess from. Changes and inspiration to make change during this transit, may bring great comfort to your body.


For Taurus and Taurus Rising I need to warn that during this Mars in Virgo transit there is a great possibility for burnout and high expectations for yourself. There is a need now for Earth placements to tune into the mutability of Virgo, however there may be nervous energy pushing you forward during this time. Try not to get too caught up in over-analysing yourself and your thoughts. This time may be very beneficial for feeling in to ways you can use this excess energy for your benefit. You may be feeling inspired in using this energy to really put yourself first before you show up for others.


For Gemini there may be an ability to recognise any inner stresses and pain that you can alchemise during this Mars in Virgo transit to make big changes in your life. Gemini and Gemini Rising may be more susceptible for accidents especially if moving from nervousness and ignoring your body’s’ needs. If you can use this energy to work hard, especially if you have goals that are in service to others, you can expect to really see your efforts re-arrange your entire life now!


For Cancer and Cancer Rising, you may be feeling a strong inner intuition during this Mars in Virgo ingress, your thoughts and analysis of your intuitive calls will be a big theme early this week. Can you tune in and recognise what in your life needs you to act on now, and where you need more information? This transit may offer helpful energy to surrender now in a modest way. There is a lot of feminine energy in the sky during this time, it is more about waiting to respond, taking note of the details and how they come up, rather than actively pushing and fighting.


For Leo and Leo Rising, Mars moving away from your sign may offer some relief if you have become burn out or exhausted. There is a energy right now for recognising the small details and nuances in your life. This is a great time for Leos to focus on building a steady path to success and to show up in practical ways. You may be feeling more positive about your finances, but with Venus Retrograde fast approaching you are being asked to re-evaluate rather than jump into something new.


For Virgo and Virgo rising, this week Mars moves into your self-sacrificial and honest sign! With this you must be aware of your movements and focus now on staying grounded. There may be energy coming through that can result in exhaustive burn out or being too in the mind where you may possibly hurt yourself. However, this is great energy to use your intelligent and rational nature to manifest new energy to put towards yourself. Mars in your Feminine sign can bring new passion and fresh energy to express yourself in. Enjoy this new energy but be careful not to overdo it, Virgo!


This week Libra and Libra Rising may be very aware of certain endings that need to take place. During this Cancer Season your emotions may have been especially heightened due to inner or outer crisis’. With the ingress of Mars into the feminine sign of Virgo you are being asked to tune into these emotions and use them to recognise what you have noticed from these feelings and what needs to be let go of. During this transit you may be inspired to put value into yourself and no longer show up where you don’t feel appreciated. This is a great time to focus and be passionate in shadow-work, healing or even planning to take time away from the world!


For Scorpio and Scorpio Risings I love the ingress of Mars into Virgo that begins this week, for you! With this energy you can tune into the small details and analyse where to go next! You may be showing up in service of great dreams you have been putting on the back burner. Being Mars ruled, you may feel a focus during this shift in creating order in your life. If you have been intuiting these changes during Cancer Season, there is now great energy for you to put yourself first and implement them!


This Week for Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising, you may become very tuned into your next move and the rational steps to get there. The ingress of Mars into Virgo may be more challenging for Sagittarius, so I do ask you be aware of being overly critical to yourself or those you work with. You may be feeling overly uninspired due to needing to work extra hard since Saturn in Pisces has gone retrograde, please ensure you aren’t pushing too hard. You are being urged at this time to let all the feminine energy in the sky right now, bring discernment and surrender.


For Capricorn, there is a great flow of humble hard-working energy coming through with Mars ingressing into Virgo. With this energy however, do discern your movement as this may bring more possibility for burnout or injuring yourself from going too hard, Capricorn. For Capricorn and Capricorn Rising this transit can allow you to directly be aware of the details and make plans to study or analyse your inner philosophies. You may be feeling more inspired to show up in service to others, but ensure you are filling your own cup before you do so, Capricorn.


This week, Aquarius and Aquarius Rising may feel a more calm vibe and you may notice the change as Mars moves from Leo to the feminine sign of Virgo. With less stress showing up for you, you can tune in and feel a lot more rational and flexible with the changes you want to make. However, this transit is asking you to discern and show up in service to Mother Gaia and your own spirituality. This is a great time to put towards creating new routines and re-assessing where you are vs where you want to be, Aquarius.


For Pisces and Pisces Rising, there is useful and practical energy coming through with Mars ingressing into Virgo. There is action you may want to take during this transit, but you are being asked right now to ensure you are not ignoring your intuition and your body during this time. With Saturn and Neptune Retrograde colouring your sign now, you cannot ignore how the work in reassessing and tuning into your spiritual connection needs to be prioritised so you can show up in service for others. Pisces, you are so compassionate but you cannot skip the work for yourself, doing so may create great nervousness and stress during this time.

Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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