26 July Week Ahead Horoscope: Let your intuition be your guide 🦋

26 July Week Ahead Horoscope: Let your intuition be your guide 🦋

We begin this week with a void moon, the Moon will leave Virgo on Monday at 8am AEST and move into Libra. We are in the lunar first quarter period, the moon is waxing and gaining in light as we’re building up to the Full Moon in Capricorn. This Full Moon will be an intensely transformative highlight for next week! The Moon in Libra on Monday will square the Moon, indicating that it may be a tearful beginning to the week.

Where the Moon is and what she is doing is much more important at this time, due to the Cancerian influences. For more on this lunation and how it will affect your sign next week sign up to my email list to be sent my weekly horoscope straight to your inbox.

On Tuesday the 27th, Mercury will enter Cancer. The speedy planet Mercury moving into the highly intuitive and emotive sign of Cancer will really bring an emotional vibe. Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is trining this placement exact on the 30th of June. There is a great flow of emotionally charged energy peaking during this time.

We are being urged to lean into our intuition this week. Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will exactly trine the Sun in Cancer the day prior. With this energy we can see just how much energy is flowing through the feminine at this time. This energy is likened to strength coming through surrender, and releasing stuck emotions at the same time. Leaning into surrender and new ways of acceptance and compassion can really be tough.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is colouring events at this time and now that we are in the depths of Cancer Season I can imagine there will be a lot of high emotions. This is not easy work and it is definitely not a linear process, especially with so much energy in the intuitive water-signs at this time. We are being encouraged to feel. Possibly we have been avoiding feeling certain emotions and it is bubbling up right now to finally be released. With this we can feel and give love to ourselves. We’re learning how to connect compassionately with all versions of ourselves, so we can provide that in return to the people in our lives.

Overall there is great energy right now, for emotional work, self reflection and leaning on those that bring you comfort. The veil is very thin around the solstices and the transits and Astrology at this time really is reflecting that. Shadow-work will be very empowering and comforting, especially that to do with boundaries and surrendering to the processes that life needs to go through in order to move forward. To find out more at what is being highlighted and wanting to be felt and released keep reading for the all 12 signs forecast below. ↴

Keep reading now for your Rising, Sun AND Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this week Astrologically will be affecting you! ↴


You may be feeling drawn to stay home this week. And there is great energy for Aries, this week to use their dreams to release or escape. You could be creating art from your dreams, or spending time in solitude working on envisioning where you could be in the future. Write these impressions down, there is so much intuitively guided energy coming through with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer this week. You will be able to take action on this soon, Aries.


For Taurus this week, there is energy encouraging deep conversations with your neighbours, siblings or grandparents. They have inspiring, intuitively guided information to share with you. You may be feeling as if you can’t catch a break right now Taurus, but with Saturn Retrograde in Pisces you NEED to surrender and trust. There is a psychological issue to be resolved and closed up at this time Taurus, so please be kind to yourself this week.


Your own personal self worth may be up for discussion and self-reflection this week, Gemini. There may a need to work hard and this may be weighing on you, so if you are just tired do not take it as meaning you are not worthy, Gemini. There may be an inability to see where things are going right now, so do what you can to feel it out and feel comfortable at this time. We’re often times not meant to know all of the details, as much as your detail driven mind may prefer. Try and relax and surrender if you can this week, Gemini.


Emotions are high for you this week Cancer, however you are learning so much about yourself and your needs. There may be hidden help coming, so be sure you’re doing all that you can to ensure that your vessel is respected and ready to receive. You know better than anyone the need to retreat into your shell and revive yourself, so you can care and show up as you do. This is being highlighted during Cancer Season. You could be focusing on shadow work and introspective activities. Take advantage of this highly intuitive time, Cancer.


For you this week Leo, you may really need to step back from reality and retreat somewhere you can rest and rejuvenate. Your season is coming up, meaning there is a lot of endings from previous cycles being wrapped for you up right now. How much you’ve healed and what you need to now shift focus to, may be coming up for you, so ensure that you are writing this down or sharing this with someone that may hold you accountable, Leo. You may be having really interesting dreams right now, it’s a great time to reflect on what these are showing you.


You may be feeling intuitively guided to achieve big dreams this week, Virgo. Those close to you are willing to put in the hard work, and stick by you empathetically. You can let down your guard now, especially now during Cancer Season, Virgo. This may be confusing for you to implement but just think and see what a shift in your thought processes can do. If the people around you aren’t rallying on your side, it may be a reflective week where this is clearly shown to you. This is an intuitively guided time, so trust your gut Virgo.


There may be great energy right now Libra for implementing an aligned change to your day to day or daily routines. You’re being pushed right now to recognise any short comings that are impacting your work and health. Listen to these instincts now, as this is the time to feel it out. You may feel as if you’re in the dark and not sure what these changes will bring but if you feel called in a certain direction during Cancer Season it would be most beneficial to honour and go for it.


This week my be exceptionally emotionally driven for Scorpios. You may be learning more about your own processes and why you enjoy what you enjoy. Your intuition may be in overdrive, as there may be illusions that need to be revealed in you sexual relationships or with your children. This is an especially deep and telling for you during this Cancer Season, working with your intuition would be best practice during this time!


For Sagittarius this week, you may be feeling especially tuned into the goings on in your home and with your close family. Emotional turbulence may be showing up right now, hinting to where you need to release and heal so you can move forward later in the year. This Cancer Season could see an opportunity to feel out and intuit your way to releasing past fears and traumas. Take this time for what it is Sagittarius and allow these feelings to come up.


For Capricorns this week you are being urged to follow your intuition in communication with your close relationships and partners. Guidance may be coming through directly in what people are saying or aren’t saying, and you are being urged to see through illusions in these discussions and trust your gut at this time. It may be harder right now to feel grounded, Capricorn but this mix up of energy is showing you the truth, do not ignore it!


For Aquarius this week, you are being guided to implement new routines that will better your own personal self worth. There may be illusions in money so be careful with spending during this Cancer Season. You are being asked to focus on the ‘whys’ and how you are effecting your own health with every decision you make. Your intuition may be very busy in the day-to-day so trusting and respecting these feelings will be very important for you this week, Aquarius!


For Pisces this week, a New Romantic partner or hobby may reveal itself to you, you may be hiding your true interests from yourself but your intuition and subconscious cannot hide this from you any longer. During this Cancer Season there is a focus on play and fun, you may be working with your inner child and feeling intuitive hits regarding this during this time, Pisces. Any stagnant feelings in creativity may be allowed to resolve during this time!

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Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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