24 July Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Venus Retrograde in Leo!

24 July Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Venus Retrograde in Leo!

We can officially welcome Leo Season! On Sunday the 23rd, the Sun moved into Leo. As well on Sunday, Venus stationed Retrograde in Leo. So, we will have, the Sun approaching Venus and Venus retrograding back towards the sun, through Leo. With the Sun ruling Leo and her now being at home, we can expect to feel more strong in desires for comfort and support in following your hearts call. We can look forward to a period of heart-centred awareness, when The Sun and Venus will conjoin each other from 7 August - 19 August. There will be dramatic but necessary experiences happening for us all, during Venus Retrograde in Leo, for more on where you will be revising your inner value systems and relationship with joy, skip now to the all 12 signs forecast below ↴

This week, Mercury in Leo will make a few meaningful aspects before she makes a move into Virgo on Saturday, the 29th of July. With these aspects, we will be thinking hard about the reviewing that Venus Retrograde in Leo will be asking of us. Mercury in Leo will Square Uranus in Taurus on Monday the 24th at 22 degrees. Uranus is ensuring that we cannot look away and we cannot ignore what needs to be changed in our lives. Our thoughts may be especially disruptive this week, or we could be having dramatic conversations. Overall, we will all be feeling really charged up about all the changes pending.

Mercury in Leo will conjoin Venus Retrograde on Friday, the 28th of July at 28 degrees. Mercury in Leo will trine the Collective North Node in Aries as well on this day. We are being encouraged, under this energy, to review the inner thoughts and inner self-value we place on ourselves, we could be thinking and talking about how this has affected the directions and choices made in the past. Leo is very nostalgic and with Venus going retrograde in this sign, we could be thinking about how we have been hurt in past relationships and how this has really affected our self-values and the way we speak to ourselves. With this aspect however, there is strong passionate energy, for taking this time very seriously. There is very obvious energy of the work that needs to be done right now. There is great energy here however, to work on speaking to yourself nicer, doing which, will allow you to take pride in your choices and feel confident in your next move.

The Collective North Node has squared Pluto Retrograde last week, on Sunday, the same day that Venus Stationed Retrograde in Leo. This aspect will continue to occur whilst the North Node is in the late degrees of Aries. On Saturday the 29th, this aspect will come exact at 28 degrees and 58 minutes. Pluto Retrograde can be strong energy to use right now to put in the hard work to create foundations for deep healing and integration of all the lessons learnt during this Pluto in Capricorn Transit. This aspect will be active up until November this year and during this square to the North Node, we could be feeling like we are no-where near the point we thought we would be. We want to take action in new exciting things, possibly, but with Pluto Retrograde, there is further events due to come up, to allow transformation to come and aid your move into the next phase.

This week, Mercury will also officially enter Virgo. Mercury will be leaving the boastful sign of Leo, and move into her home of Virgo this Saturday the 29th. With Mars also in Virgo, this will really affect Mercury! We will be feeling even more charged up, it will be hard not to notice a lot of things, once Mercury moves into Virgo. This will be helpful energy for us, Mercury in Virgo will put a spotlight on that, which needs to be revised, during Venus Retrograde.Virgo is all about the details, and with Mercury and Mars in Virgo there is no way escaping them, but do be careful to not be too perfectionistic.



For Aries and Aries Rising, this Venus Retrograde may have you reviewing past relationships and how these experiences have effected and changed your inner positivity and self-worth. Venus Retrograde will be squaring Uranus in Taurus, so your self-worth is being put on the pedestal to awaken you and push for freedom from any past relationship issues.


For Taurus and Taurus Rising, during Venus Retrograde in Leo, your own freedom is being reviewed and revised and whether those you have around you are pushing for the same amount of freedom you are. During Venus Retrograde in Leo, Taurus may be changing things up in the home, or new conversations may be had with your family about these changes that you want to make, to feel more free and positive overall.


For Gemini and Gemini Rising, during Venus Retrograde in Leo, you may be revising past conversations or past instances from grade school or younger, that have made you feel less than. With Venus Retrograde, Mercury and the Sun all in the bold sign of Leo, you may be feeling particularly feisty with your words this week, Gemini. You are being given space and energy to release these past feelings once and for all!


For Cancer and Cancer Rising, you will be feeling more confident in trying a new way of generating income or connecting to your self. Venus Retrograde in Leo will be pushing Cancers to go back in the past and recognise what you’ve done previously that has brought more joy and bringing that back in, especially that involving work and finances.


For Leo and Leo Rising! This week you may be feeling especially confident in changing yourself, you may use this Venus Retrograde to try new looks or meet new people. The experiences that come up during this time will be helping you, Leo, the most. Venus Retrograde will be expecting Leos, to fully revise and connect to those in your life, in completely new ways!


For Virgo and Virgo Rising this week, you may be feeling more isolated due to Venus Retrograde. There may be endings in past relationships for Virgos, that have been standing in the way of your Freedom. Virgos may be using this Venus Retrograde to implement healing tools that have worked in the past. There is fresh new innovative energy you may be wanting to work with, but until you have healed how you are feeling around these endings, you wont be able to get it done as effectively.


For Libra and Libra Rising this week, you may find yourself drawn to past communities that you have left for your career and looking back on these and how much growth and value you were given here. During Venus Retrograde in Leo, Libras may be feeling more nostalgic about past dreams you have had that you put to the side. You may be feeling intuitively guided to picking these dreams up again and feeling more confident to chase them, especially after Venus Retrograde finishes up in September!


For Scorpio and Scorpio Rising, you may be using this week and the Venus Retrograde period to check in on your value systems and self worth and how it is affected greatly by your work. You may be especially busy in your career during this Venus Retrograde, this is all to urge you, to create new connections for yourself. Past connections in work may be coming around to give you advice or be a new joyful friend!


For Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising, you may be using this week and the Venus Retrograde period to think about trying something new or expanding due to something you have learnt. You may be using this period to think about a course of study you want to pursue, or you may be using skills learnt previously to re-spark your free nature!


For Capricorn and Capricorn Rising, you may be feeling especially fearful of this Venus Retrograde. This period for Capricorns, is to re-spark and help you re-value your spiritual and healing tools. Capricorn’s are transforming so rapidly with Pluto Retrograde in the last degrees of your sign, and this Venus Retrograde is here to show you how to better shine your light and be self compassionate and proud of yourself through all stages of your healing.


For Aquarius and Aquarius Rising, this week and through-out Venus Retrograde you may be reconnecting with people from your past and remembering these past experiences. These past experiences are coming up during Venus Retrograde to help you bring in compromise for yourself and for the people you have close to you. Venus Retrograde will see a lot of shifts in your relationships to be with those more loyal and loving.


For Pisces and Pisces Rising, this week and through-out Venus Retrograde in Leo, you may be revising and reconnecting with past lovers or past creative pursuits. Venus Retrograde may hold a lot of Healing energy for Pisces, to reconnect and allow the self to have a sincere relationship with others and with your creative passions. This may be a time of past lovers coming back, but their overall loyalty may be tested as well.

Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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