19 June Week Ahead Horoscope BRING ON CANCER SZN

19 June Week Ahead Horoscope BRING ON CANCER SZN

We begin this week coming off a deep and confusing New Moon in Gemini that squared Neptune in Pisces. On Sunday, Saturn also stationed retrograde, beginning a four month journey backwards through the sign of Pisces. So, rather than an inspiring initiatory energy with this New Moon, the energy was confusing with Neptune in the mix. Neptune can often bring poorly directed compassion, as well as illusions to our thinking, especially with a square to mercurial sun and moon in Gemini.

This Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will provide us all with an opportunity to review our own personal boundaries to compassion and spirituality. Are we giving too much to the wrong people or projects? Look to where Pisces is in your personal natal chart to see where this may be occurring for you. Saturn Retrograde trined Jupiter in Taurus as well on Sunday indicating great spiritual protection for the intense Saturnian work that we will all be going through, up until the 4th of November.

With the Sun in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces on Monday there is a continuation of the energy experienced over the weekend with the New Moon. Neptune is also due to station retrograde in just 2 weeks, on the 1st of July. The confusion and illusions that were the hallmark of the weekend just gone, will be revealed. We can wait until then to see the illusions of neptune dissolve for us. With this we can begin to understand better the context of the shifts that have occurred through-out Gemini Season this year. Neptune square the Sun in Gemini, can bring confusing conversations as well as possible deception or illusions in communication. Our vitality is strongly tied to our spiritual wellness at time, especially on Monday.

The Moon will be in Cancer for the beginning of this week, during her stay in Cancer, she will trine Saturn Retrograde and Neptune in Pisces. This will bring highlights of the protective work and intuition we will need to bring to the upcoming Cancer Season that will begin this Thursday. With the sun ingressing into the maternal, deep sign of Cancer, we will see protection begin to be more important than ever. Cancer is a protective, maternal and caring sign, and during this time we will all find a need to be protective of our own energy. To see how this Cancer season will be shifting YOUR focus, head to the all signs forecast below

This Cancer Season which will begin this Thursday the 22nd, will bring us back to basics bring in a focus to protection of our own personal energy. This Cancer Season will be full of many shifts, and on the 3rd of July there will be a full moon in Capricorn, opposite Mercury in Cancer, trine Jupiter in Taurus. Where we may be given an opportunity to surrender and allow healing to come into our lives. On the same day Venus in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus. If hard work has been hurting you lately, an opportunity may come to set down the swords and allow others to fight, so you can retreat and protect your own body and wellness.

The Cardinal Energy is very strong especially due to another major shift I need to address that will be affecting the future Eclipses! On July 18th, the Collective North node will move into Aries, and the Collective South Node, Libra. For the last few years the Eclipses have been in the Signs of Taurus (Venus ruled) and Scorpio (Traditionally, Mars ruled) bringing in fated changes in our personal relationships and deep generational healing. With this shift into the Cardinal Signs of Aries and Libra, there will be possible continuation of thes themes or events, as they are also ruled by Mars and Venus, respectively. However, these signs are Cardinal in nature which can indicate opportunities to address crisis in ways that strongly benefit not only yourself, but your relationships. We can expect dramatic moments over the next few years, to focus and strengthen our own personal worth in ourselves and in relationship.

Keep reading belowfor your Rising, Sun AND Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this Cancer Season will be affecting you!


The upcoming Cancer Season, beginning on the 22nd can a shift within you, Aries to focus on healing in the home, or healing of ancestral woundings.

Aries will be the main character for the remainder of the year, with the Nodal Axis moving into Aries and Libra. Past and present behaviour in connections will be brought up. Up until 2025 expect fated opportunities for healing past hurts with prior partners, so you can show up more authentically and healed in your current connections. From July 18th til 2025 expect to be feeling passionately charged up and pushed in new directions for the better, Aries.


For Taurus and Taurus Rising, the upcoming Cancer Season will bring a focus of protecting your energy with family and communication. You may find yourself feeling charged up to share with the right people that have taught and held your hand over the last few years.

With the Nodal Shift occurring for Taurus in a much more dramatic way, healing will be your number one focus up until 2025. Eclipses in Libra and Aries can highlight for Taurus a need to take solitude to work on your health and focus where you can grow for yourself!


For Gemini this Cancer Season will be highlighting a need to be frugal with not only your material matters but also your own personal energy. You may be using this Cancer Season to get serious about a personal goal and learning more about how to achieve this in the best way possible for you.

With the Collective North Node moving into Aries and Libra, this can be nicer time for Geminis. There may be fated shifts pushing you to showing up in your Communities as a healer archetype. There may be dramatic changes to your relationships with your children, or hobbies up until 2025!


Cancer, its your Season from the 22nd Thursday this week! Mercury will also enter your sign on the 27th of June, allowing you to better express yourself and put yourself first, Cancer. You are healing in tandem with those close to you. This is preparing you and your relationships for the shift in eclipses coming up!

With the Collective North Node moving into Aries and Libra, intense fated changes will be occurring for you Cancer. Especially in the home and in career. Your Personal Goals and where you want to be may change dramatically over the next few years, up until 2025 Cancer!


The upcoming Cancer Season, beginning on the 22nd can see Leo and Leo Rising focusing on healing the body. There may be opportunities provided during this Cancer Season to partake in a healing retreat or focus on a secret project you are working on.

For Leo and Leo Rising shifting of the Nodal Axis into Libra and Aries will bring fated conversations surrounding karmic debt or fears you have buried. There may be very shocking events and words coming to you for the next few years, Leo!


For Virgo and Virgo Rising this Cancer Season can bring harmony for you. There is a shift of focus into finding more nurturing communities for you to be a part of. Your friends or partner may be along for the ride during this time, its a great energy to work together to transform what you spend your leisure time doing.

With the Collective North and South Node shifting into Aries and Libra there may be a focus on overcoming deep psychological trauma, especially that to do with your own personal self worth. You may find resources can come from becoming a healer, in your own way.


The upcoming Cancer Season, beginning on the 22nd can see Libra focusing on their Career and public persona, how the world sees you may come under the microscope for you to nurture and connect to.

Libras will be experiencing intense shifts and fated surprises over the next few years, from July 18th until 2025 Eclipses will be directly impacting your sign. With the Nodal Axis moving into Aries and Libra, how you are in relationship will be brought up. This can bring opportunities for healing past hurts with prior partners so you can show up more authentically and healed in your current connections.


For Scorpio and Scorpio Rising this Cancer Season will bring through strong intuitive hits helping you learn from the past. There may be a focus on philosophical study and research during this Cancer season for Scorpios. You may be able to use this new knowledge to create a shift in your career some time soon thanks to this energy.

From July 18th, Scorpio may feeling a push and pull to focus on your bodys health as well as spiritual and mental health. With the Nodal Axis shifting from your sign and Taurus, there is a wrapping up energy of the intense fated changes that have been brought through for you. For the next few years expect opportunities now to build upon your current foundations, up until 2025.


The upcoming Cancer Season, beginning on the 22nd can see Sagittarius shift focus to deep regenerative healing. This Cancer Season may reveal why what came up during Gemini Season needed to. Especially that which has come up in your relationships. Your fears may feel triggered this Cancer season but know this intense awareness is offering an opportunity for you to heal this within you.

With the Collective North and South Node shifting into Aries and Libra, from the 18th of July there will be a fated changes for Sagittarius in the communities they associate with and how you connect to what you do for fun, and what fuels you!


For Capricorn and Capricorn Rising, this Cancer Season is bringing a focus to your partner or close relationships including those in Business. There may be intense healing being wrapped up for you Capricorn, so expect recognition of this from those close to you!

With the Nodal Axis shifting to Aries and Libra, for Capricorns there will be fated changes coming through in the home for you, as well as in career. You may be working through ancestral trauma, or may have this come up for you during these Eclipses. From July 18th to 2025 Capricorns can expect intense healing to possibly help shift you into a more appropriate career path and home situation.


The upcoming Cancer Season, beginning on the 22nd can see Aquarius shift their focus to working on health goals. This Cancer Season will bring opportunities for Aquarius to possibly take part in therapy or a healing modality.

With the Collective North and South Node shifting into Aries and Libra, Aquarius can expect intense conversations to come through. These fated situations may dramatically shift your own personal philosophies. There may be fated new beginnings for you to travel overseas and short distance up until 2025, Aquarius!


For Pisces and Pisces Rising this Cancer Season can see a surge of energy coming through for new creative endeavours. You may feel intuitively guided to a new hobby you will enjoy Pisces! This may even be a hobby you enjoy to nurture your body, such as a self care activity or something involving your Mother or Women.

From July 18th, Pisces may experience fated new beginnings in finances and personal self worth. With the Nodal Axis shifting into Aries and Libra you may be given opportunities to heal money wounds and create new wealth for yourself, Pisces!

Harness the cosmic energies and embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a weekfilled with fulfillment and success.

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