17 July Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:North & South Node shift signs!

17 July Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:North & South Node shift signs!

There is an emotionally and karmically charged New Moon in Cancer this week, on Tuesday 17th - 18th July 2023. This New Moon in Cancer will be an especially psychic lunation, we may be made aware that we need to call in more nurturing situations in life. Cancer energy may bring experiences that bring on emotionally heightened states so we can all actually feel the collective pain around these themes. We pretty much have to shut off our intuitions everyday just to participate in this ‘normal’ world. If we cannot connect to our intuition regularly however, we can find ourselves in painful circumstances that reflect back an inability to connect with your own body.

Caring for and making space to create a nurturing container ‘a safe space’, and be able to carry this around with you to connect to, as you need, is a big lesson in life. All you have is yourself sometimes, well, often times, so nurturing this relationship and respect with your body and it’s’ feelings is crucial. Cancerians may find this is a big focus of their lives’ story, and this may be coming up for many during this time, especially for those that are heavy Lunar ruled or Lunar dominant.

The New Moon will be opposite Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, Pluto Retrograde is assisting us in wrapping up karma to do with systems and authority. Pluto opposing this New Moon really highlights how we are all feeling emotionally and how we are being affected by our fears. Things may be clicking in what new directions you need to head in. Mars in Virgo is opposing Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, and with this, there is a lot of energy that can be used for refocusing the vision and tuning in to your true emotions. Saturn in Watery Pisces, going Retrograde can bring a sense of distrust in all directions we feel called in but there is energy that you need to act now or be uncomfortable for even longer.

The New Moon, however will be supported by Medusa Asteroid and Uranus in Taurus, indicating our inner value systems and truest desires are helping us ground in during this time. The New Moon in Cancer will also trine Neptune Retrograde, further showing just how intense and strong our intuitions are right now. Neptune Retrograde is allowing us all to see a different approach to how we use intuitive information and intuitive guidance. We have all changed so much already, under this Saturn transit in Pisces! Be kind and compassionate to yourself, and your human-nature, as an emotional being!

On the 18th of July just over an hour after the New Moon in Cancer becomes exact, the Collective North Node will shift into Aries, and with it the Collective South Node into Libra. This shift of the karmic nodes is going to be a big one, as this will begin the Aries North Node and Libra South Node Eclipse Cycle. The Story of the North and South Nodes and how these two points interplay with the Planets and Angles of our Natal Charts is about balance, integration, and flow between the Masculine and Feminine energies. These two points can bring about past-life experiences and can also push you into a completely new path that may bring up emotions and energy. We are urged with these experiences to trust and make a leap into new things, regardless of a resurgence of past fears and inner feelings of lack saying we can’t.

Working with the Aries and Libra Axis will be majorly different from the Taurus and Scorpio Axis we have been leaning on and learning from, over the past two and a half years. The signs we are moving into have the same ruling Planets, Venus and Mars. With this, we can expect that moving from Fixed to Cardinal Signs will bring experiences of crisis’ and tests for what has come through to us during the time of the North Node being in Taurus. This energy can often bring experiences to fight to create foundations and balance. This may be especially true for Relationships, The Justice system, Families and Small business.



Aries and Aries Rising may be intuitively guided to a new vision for how you want your home to look like under this New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday the 18th. Aries may be feeling much more guided towards comfort under the New Moon in Cancer. There may be an awareness under this lunation of just how much you have healed, this may also be a time of culmination of the work that you have put in over the past 10+ years! You may be feeling especially spiritually and psychically affected by this lunation, so pay attention to what visions or impressions come up during this New Moon.

The Collective North Node will shift into your sign on the same day as the New Moon in Cancer, Aries. You may begin to feel the stirrings of new directions and new magnetic situations already being shown to you this week. The next 2.5 Years will be especially life-changing for Aries, and your relationships, expect those around you to fully show who they really are over the next few months especially while this energy is in such a concentrated spot. Pay attention to what comes up during this New Moon, Aries as these impressions and feelings may be especially important for the next 2 years of Eclipses!


Taurus and Taurus Rising may be taking an especially relaxing or enjoyable trip during this New Moon in Cancer. This may be in celebration of big achievements or a shift in your main focus right now, you may be being more inclined to have fun and be present in pleasurable experiences. Your intuition may be lighting up during certain conversations this week, especially on Tuesday the 18th! You may be tuning in with how travelling and having fun right now is an important and especially healing priority.

On the same day as the New Moon in Cancer, the Collective South Node will finally be leaving your sign, and moving into Libra, therefore the North Node will be moving into the sign of Aries. Your relationships and new connections that have been made over the past 2.5 Years, will be tested and the people that will be fixed and a big part of your future will show up for you and prove their place in your life. If there are intuitive feelings surrounding these certain themes during the New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday, place particular importance on this as it may make the next 2.5 Years inner emotional and outer explosive crisis’ a lot more easy for yourself.


For Gemini and Gemini Rising, the Cancer New Moon may be particularly insightful in regards to a financial or business idea that may come to you. Your inner value systems and resources may be on your mind heavily, during this lunation, you may be taking note of any feelings of lack that can be finally be released during this time. You may be feeling especially drawn to a new endeavour, however this is not the right time to act, take note and plan your next move, Gemini.

You may be aware of a shift in the energy during the New Moon in Cancer, Gemini as, just over an hour after the exact New Moon, the Collective North Node will leave Taurus and move into Aries. With Chiron being in the same sign, this indicates that Gemini have been healing all that has may be standing in the way between you and big goals, Gemini. The shift of the North Node into Aries may really catalyse and force you to fully cut ties with these burdens! Pay attention in what comes up as a big focus of pain for you during this New Moon in Cancer, can you release this for yourself now, Gemini.


This week should be especially enlightening and insightful for Cancers, with Tuesday being the New Moon in your Sign! Being a Cancer, you should expect your intuition to be especially heightened during this time, with insight possibly coming through now, assisting you in seeing things in a new light, from a new angle. This is due to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces trining this lunation, so, if you can grasp on to what you are being shown, by your intuition now, you can expect to really see and feel how to use your past pain as a catalyst!

This is an especially auspicious time for Cancer and Cancer Rising for new career pathways, especially those that integrate all you have been through, and allow you to use the past to see who you want to show up as. This is also a time where your foundations in the home and career are going to be tested over the next 2.5 Years. as the North Node will be shifting to Aries, the same day as this Cancer New Moon! If you have been waiting for a time to make new moves in these areas, this is the time!


For Leo and Leo Risings, the New Moon in Cancer will be especially psychically charged. You may be feeling especially lonely this week, Leo. However this time alone for you, is allowing you to fully release and end cycles that have been bringing you pain or causing you to feel numb. This Cancer New Moon will be best used for Leos as a time to take time away, have a retreat, or spend time in solitude.

The North Node shifting into Aries, and the South Node, Libra, will be especially spicy for Leo and Leo Risings! There will be opportunities coming through for you, to speak from your past and become a leader due to all you have learned. Over the next 2.5 Years. the Eclipses will be in Aries and Libra, causing crisis’ and tests in all of our relationships, especially the one with ourselves. With Venus due to go retrograde in your sign, in days, our trust in our own inner value systems, is being tested.


Under the Cancer New Moon this Tuesday, Virgo there may be inner subconscious messages coming up showing you how much you really need to start taking showing up for yourself seriously. There may be intuitive messages coming through regarding your hopes and dreams and the communities you are part of. That which you do for fun, or how you enjoy yourself may be under current review by you and this Cancer New Moon may be showing you how to have more of it all.

The balance that needs to be maintained in order for you to have all that you need to feel fulfilled, is going to be a big highlight under the Cancer New Moon. You may have the experience of an awareness of your inner fears and hidden desires and the true value you place on yourself. This may be coming through your intuition with the Collective North Node shifting into Aries and therefore, the South Node, Libra. This shift will take place just over an hour after the exact New Moon in Cancer. With this you may notice an obvious shift during this time, over the next 2.5 Years for you Virgo, there will be experiences where you can show just how much you’ve healed and grown to love yourself more and more.


For Libra and Libra Rising, there may be new beginnings arising in your career or what you do out in the world. You may be intuitively feeling guided to recognise what you can release now to align more authentically with what you are capable of being, Libra. This may be a busier time for Libras, especially with the South Node shifting from Scorpio, to your sign just hours after the New Moon in Cancer becomes exact.

With the North Node shifting into Aries, and the south node your sign, Libra there may be an obvious but very real shift in the directions you feel drawn in. You may suddenly become more confident in utilising your skills to release what does not serve, but only if you can sense and connect to your intuition to sense which relationships will help or hinder your chances of getting to the place you want to be.


This is an intuitively and psychically charged new moon for Scorpio and Scorpio Risings, there may be a lot of emotions and endings occur during this New Moon in Cancer. You are wrapping up karma with vehicles, neighbourhoods and possibly siblings. With this New Moon, there may be intuitive messages come through for these situations.

For Scorpio and Scorpio Risings, you may begin to feel more free and fired up to create space for new beginnings, this is due to the Collective South Node finally leaving your sign, after 2.5 Years. Now, you can sense your focus shifting possibly to endings that need to come to a head, to rebalance your life. The Collective North Node will be in a Mars ruled sign, Aries, and with this shift you may begin to feel more energy, overall you’re being redirected now towards expansion, Scorpio!


For Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising, the New Moon in Cancer may be especially notable. The energy of Pluto Retrograde is assisting you now, in wrapping up past conversations that have shaped you. There may have been experiences that are resurfacing, that have allowed you to put boundaries in place, so don’t stop doing this now. There may be more feelings coming up, surrounding a new passion in a new hobby or way of self expression for Sagittarius. This is thanks to the energy of the Collective North Node shifting into the Fire sign, Aries.

The Collective North Node will shift into fiery Aries, just after the Cancer New Moon. What is released during the New Moon, and allowed to be purged, can help you transmute and move into new beginnings for your creativity and romantic relationships! The South Node moving into the Venus ruled, Libra during this day will bring about a sense in the relationships that will help us and support our new ideas! These people are important, pay attention to the themes that come up during this day, as it may bring great intuitive guidance for the next 2.5 Years of karmic energy!


This New Moon in Cancer will be especially transformative and notable for Capricorn and Capricorn Risings. There may be a sense of new beginnings begin to stir on Tuesday, under the New Moon in Cancer, for your relationships. You have changed so much in the last 10 years Capricorn and this may be on your mind this week. New intuitive guidance may come up regarding your relationships and whether they support this New you, Capricorn. Pay attention to these feelings, as you may be given further information to release this and realise now, how you can transform your relationships for the better!

It will be important you have good relationships around to support you, as there will be a big shift for Capricorns on this same day as the New Moon the Collective North Node will move from grounded Taurus, to fiery Aries. There may be explosive crisis’ already coming through stress or within endings to do with the home. With this shift, you may need to restart in a lot of ways, Capricorn. There is a-lot you can utilise during this time if you can be aware that over the next 2.5 Years your relationships out in the world need to become more balancing and supportive.


For Aquarius and Aquarius Rising, under the Cancer New Moon, this Tuesday, you may experience deep profound dreams that are helping you sense and intuit new beginnings for your health. This New Moon in Cancer will be nice for Aquarius to focus on work and your health. There is possibly a lot going on behind the scenes that you need to save energy for, so keep going Aquarius!

There is a very notable energetic shift occurring this week, that may also be a big focus, which is the Collective North Node moving from Taurus to Aries. With this Aries energy, you may notice a shift begin in passion and initiatory energy, inviting shifts in your neighbourhood, possible moves and new business ideas! There has been something you have learnt or are just naturally gifted at, that will be so helpful in bringing balance in your life, but first you need to take care of the mundane, Aquarius.


With the New Moon in Cancer, this Tuesday the 18th, there may be a lot of emotions coming up right now for Pisces and Pisces Rising, especially to do with Childhood, or Children. Under the New Moon in Cancer, there may be experiences of intuitively shocking and emotionally charged situations due to the communities you surround yourself in, Pisces. There is helpful energy however, in Neptune Retrograde trining this New Moon, so if you can, tap into that Piscean self-compassion. This is a great time to give yourself love, for every experience will all equal the whole of your amazing life!

There is the stirrings of a new passion coming through for Pisces and Pisces Rising, on the same day as the New Moon in Cancer, the Collective North Node will shift from Taurus to Aries. With this energy, it will become apparent whether you are honestly showing up for yourself and to heal yourself. There may be big healing experiences coming through with this energy, over the next 2.5 Years ensure to be especially kind and considerate to yourself, Pisces.

Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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