16th of October Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*: October’s Eclipse Portal Encourages us to Dig Deep!

16th of October Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*: October’s Eclipse Portal Encourages us to Dig Deep!

We begin this week on Monday, with the Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio conjoin Mars in Scorpio. Mars is comfortable in Scorpio and is providing us with passionate drive and energy for our truest desires at this time. We are coming off the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees Libra that peaked Sunday around 4am AEST. Whilst we are amidst Eclipse Season this week, things may feel especially intuitively guided, synchronistic and fated. The Future may be feeling in close reach, this energy is pushing us where we need to go regarding our own fated stories and paths in lives.  

On Wednesday, the 18th the Sun in Libra will exactly meet with the South Node. The Sun Opposite the North Node in Aries will see a development of knowledge, resources, connections coming from the past. There may help coming through for assistance in personal crisis and through mistakes. Mercury will also conjoin with the South Node, and by default oppose the North Node this week on the 19th further reflecting intense guidance and focus on leaving the past in the past to move forward. These two transits are helping us move through the heightened Annular Solar Eclipse Energy that is shaking up our lives during this time.

We will be experiencing a highly Mercurial focus for our lives this week. On the 20th of October, this Friday Mercury will conjoin the Sun in Libra for the Mercury Cazimi at 26 degrees. This Mercury Cazimi will be providing balancing guidance and information for harmony in relationships. Mercury has been combust making things confusing and even explosive for communications at this time. At around 3:37pm AEST on Friday we will be gifted helpful guidance from Mercury and the Sun in Libra. These intuitive hits and feelings and impressions around coming through now, for the betterment of our relationships, where we are headed and what we are leaving behind in 2023.

We may be experiencing deep intense challenges during this time, as this Sunday the 22nd, we will have the Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. We are being asked to put in the hard work now for the betterment of the structures and foundations we have for our lives. We may be aware of how we have shifted in how we are responding to crisis and feeling encouraged to move forward even though things are harder than ever. This energy is intense but will allow us to reach towards more harmonious outcomes for all parties involved. The Sun is square Pluto at 27 degrees, look to your chart any planets at this degree, especially within the Cardinal signs, as these placements will be especially sensitive and feeling compressed during this time. Around 3pm on Sunday, the Moon in Capricorn will approach the 1st quarter square of this moon cycle, in the Cardinal signs which will put any crisis surrounding us on a pedestal, we will be unable to move forward without acknowledging this first.

Sunday will be a big day for us this week, as Venus in Virgo will also trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus at 12 degrees in the afternoon. Venus in Virgo has been providing is with the correct details and effort we need to put into moving through the transitions that have been presented to us. Venus trine Jupiter is a highly protected and balanced energy, Venus may be nit-picky and controlling in Virgo, but with Jupiter retrograde helping here, we can sense and see the resources that can be used now to ‘fix’ this hyper-focus in relationships. We may be able to heal through what we have been shown needs to leave our lives, as the eclipse we just experiences was with the South Node, of what we are moving away from.

At around 5pm Sunday, the 22nd of October, Mercury will leave Libra to join Mars in the deep sign of Scorpio. The Aries, Mars ruled North Node is being consulted within this energy as we complete October, and all the way up until the 10th of November. Mercury in Scorpio will be offering us deep introspective, and intuitive charged guidance and conversations for the next month. We will be encouraged. especially as we are in the middle of Eclipse Season, to be precious with our personal energy and plans. Things are not as they seem. For more on what this ingress of Mercury in Scorpio will be stimulating for you and your sign, keep reading or jump now to the all 12 sign’s horoscope below! ↴

Within the Eclipse Portal we are also quickly approaching Scorpio Season, the energy is quickly becoming Martian and DEEP! We will end this week with the Moon conjoin Pluto in Capricorn, encouraging us to nurture foundation shaking changes and allow our lives to be transformed. There is so much potent energy swirling around in the cosmos indicating that we will be ending 2023 completely different to how we entered the year.

Read ahead now for your Rising, Sun & Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this week’s planetary influences will be affecting you! ↴


Aries is currently experiencing a helpful balance to finances, self worth and career this week. Your career is helping you ground and accept that good things can happen now, Aries. With Mercury moving into the deep Sign of Scorpio this week you can expect to be focused on intensely healing wounds you hold close to your chest. Mercury will join with your sign ruler, Mars to provide an intensely passionate drive for heading into places you deserve, Aries.


Venus trine Jupiter is bringing through protected energy for Taurus in acknowledging a deep knowing within you for healing and the betterment of your life. With Mercury moving into the deep sign of Scorpio, Taurus can expect a stimulating focus to be brought into all relationships and connections. Persons that may not have been important previously, suddenly become so. There is an energy this week, to bring through balance in relationships and this is being protected and encouraged by healing you are doing now and an acknowledgment what you truly deserve.


Venus trine Jupiter is protected in bringing through balance and protection for Gemini and their time spent away from the world healing. There is protected healing coming through your dreams and time spent in solitude during this week, Gemini. With Mercury moving into the deep sign of Scorpio this week, Gemini can expect that there will be intense passion and drive coming through routines and the day-to-day experience. Mercury will join with Mars at home in Scorpio which is stimulating and encourage movement and passion for your everyday.


Venus trine Jupiter in the sky is providing protected help for Cancer and Cancer Rising this week. There may be internal changes awakening within Cancer during this time that are helping transform structures and foundations in all areas of your life. Mercury will move into the deep sign of Scorpio this week, which will by sign trine your placements, Cancer, providing a deeply connected intuitive flow of energy to come through for you at this time. Mercury in Scorpio will conjoin with Mars at home in Scorpio, which will further enhance this deep and intense intuitive guidance and will allow you to better surrender to the transformations happening for you at this time.


Venus trine Jupiter is bringing through balance for Leo but there is a lot of work and effort that is to be done to achieve this, at this time. Leo and Leo Rising may be especially protected at this time, to enact changes and transformations for the betterment of the career and day-to-day experience, one you truly desire. Mercury will ingress into Scorpio this week which will be delivering a psychic connection for Leo to ancestry, childhood experience and true desires you have been harbouring but not acting on. This guidance will be encouraging Leo to severe and transform all areas of life for the better.


Venus trine Jupiter this week will be bringing through balance and a protective connection for Virgo and Virgo Rising this week! There are foundational changes occurring for Virgo in what they truly believe and this may be shifting your inner values for you at this time. Mercury will ingress into Scorpio this week and by sign, sextile Venus in your Sign, this will be offering protected intuitive guidance for what truly matters to you, Virgo. Mercury in Scorpio, will join with Mars at home in Scorpio, providing a deep connection to your truest desires Virgo, this is the time to listen as your intuition is especially strong at this time.


Venus in Virgo will trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, offering protection for those that really matters for you, Libra and Libra Rising. There is a great flow of energy for Libra’s healing, especially healing family woundings, and home related affairs. Mercury will leave your sign this week, after a intuitively awakening Cazimi at 26 degrees. The Mercury Cazimi this week will be awakening Libra to what really matters, and what people need protecting in your life. You may realise by default, that you will leave things behind as you need to focus here at this time.


Venus trine Jupiter this week is bringing through protected balance for Scorpio and Scorpio Rising, in relationships, connections, work relationships and communication. There is healing coming through communication with Pluto trine Uranus retrograde, awakening relationships and those around you to how things are transforming now, for the better. This week things will be especially busy, and stimulating for Scorpio. Mercury is to move into your sign and meet, Mars who is so comfortable and direct in her home sign allowing Scorpios to go for what they deserve and what they desire.


For Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising this week we have, Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus bringing through balance and protective energy for important details that are helping transform your self worth and finances. Things may be feeling especially challenging for resources and your self image during this time. You may not be aware of it, but the details coming through are shifting and awakening you to holding onto the foundations and structures that matter and letting the rest go, Sagittarius.


Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus is providing protected, transformative guidance and details for growth of you Capricorn! Pluto just went direct in your sign, all shifts and transmutations that occur this week are highly protected for you, by both Venus and Jupiter. Mercury will be moving into the deep sign of Scorpio this week, which will by sign sextile your Capricorn placements, and will be delivering deep intuitive guidance for transformation at this time. Mercury in Scorpio will conjoin with Mars, together inspiring and allowing you to leave what is not helpful in the past.


For Aquarius and Aquarius Rising this week, Venus will trine Jupiter which will bring in a more balanced connection to healing and time spent in solitude. There may be protective energy surrounding you for financial matters and dealings and things may just be working out for the better without much effort with this protective trine in the sky. Mercury will be moving into the deep sign of Scorpio this week and will conjoin with Mars, allowing for a connective knowing for what needs to be released in your life to allow for room to expand into new things. Remember, time is moving forward, with or without you.


Venus in Virgo is trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, providing protected energy in bringing balance in for all relationships, at this time. For Pisces and Pisces Rising, there is shifting occurring within all of your relationships during this Eclipse Season. There is energy here to provide transformation for all of your relationships for a more structured and grounded future. Mercury will ingress into Scorpio and trine by sign, your Pisces placements, this will provide a deep connection to intuition and what your true desires really are. Mercury will conjoin with Mars and within this, for Pisces you may be leaving some relationships behind due to deep inner shifts and new ‘knowing’ that comes through this October.

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