14 August Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Shocking New Moon in Leo!

14 August Week Ahead Horoscope | ✧*:Shocking New Moon in Leo!

We have a New Moon in Leo this week on the 16th of August around 7pm, square Uranus in Taurus. New Beginnings are usually indicative of new moon periods. During this period, we can experience a feeling of needing to go inward to reflect on what is being manifested currently in the external world. Uranus in Taurus is the disruptive energy surrounding finances and economic markets at this time, whilst also awakening the feminine to the Power she really holds. If we have been shocked into a restful period due to utter exhaustion recently, there is reasoning for this, often just after periods of darkness and quiet rest we finally feel ready to face the day and fight for what is right.

Lovers, families and general finances are being disrupted most right now, with Venus currently Retrograde. As the Moon decreases in light to the Dark Moon/New Moon phases, the veil is thinner and intuitive guidance becomes stronger. With 4 planets and Chiron, retrograde at this time, inward feelings and inner guidance will be stronger than ever. With the Uranus influence, there may be challenges coming up, due to flashes of insight and downloads awakening us to intense change. Due to intuitive guidance that is being received around this time there may be a fear of change coming up. This entire process may hurt, depending on how resistant you are at this time.

Leading up to the New Moon in Leo, the Moon will enter Leo around 8pm on Monday. With the amount of Fixed energy, we may feel uncomfortable as the energy is static. We can only go backwards and back to the simple things, to go forward. With the Moon and Sun in Leo we may be especially focused in how best express your light and what may be in the way now of being seen! On the early morning of Wednesday the 16th, the Moon in Leo will square Jupiter in Taurus. This energy can provide awareness of all challenges surrounding you at this time, especially to do with relationships, finances and work. Then around 10am, the Moon will join with Venus Retrograde, whom is currently combust as well, in Leo.

The rays or light of the Sun are blinding our true values and desires for success. With venus combust, to then be conjoined with the Moon, there may be dramatic emotional displays that need to come up to be processed. The change may be overwhelming or what needs to happen may be especially obvious so you can make the change for the better, for the rest of Venus Retrograde. The awareness of how much you’ve already changed, and just how much better you feel because of it will come up as around midday, as the moon in Leo will trine Chiron Retrograde in Aries. The New Moon will come exact at 23 degrees around 7:30PM AEST and provide insight to a possible new beginning in all of our inner value systems and search for vitality and light. For more on what the New Moon in Leo will be bringing in for you and your Sign, keep reading or jump now to the all 12 sign’s horoscope below! ↴

Sunday the 20th, the Sun in Leo will trine the Collective North Node in Aries, we will be feeling lit up and passionately charged up by events around this date. We may be able to see possible ways to welcome change in, a desire for a fresh start may arise under this energy. The Sun in Leo will be opposite Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, there may be tests coming through regarding boundaries and redirection of priorities. If you can sense the compromise that is needed, in allowing your heart to lead, whilst also being aware of where to share this. There is an energy of self-preservation, with the Sun square Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. There is only so much you can do, what’s meant for you, will fall into place. Don’t stress what you cannot fix, yourself.



Shocking insights coming through regarding your Finances and self Worth may be coming up right now, these may be affecting your positivity. Or there may be excellent pursuits unfolding for you, for the better of your development, Aries! Under this New Moon in Leo you may be letting go of sharing how positive you’re feeling about changes in your romantic life, or creative pursuits. There may be an opportunity to head into a new opportunity surrounding an entrepreneurial or independent project.


Shocking insights may be coming through right now regarding your work at this time Taurus, this may be causing you to pivot in your career. Under the New Moon in Leo, you may be letting go of people that do not respect your family. This may even be a time of letting go of property or connections Taurus, do not be afraid of the change. You’re awakening more and more to your truth, Taurus!


Shocking insights may be coming through dreams or when you spend time alone Gemini. Try to pay attention to these downloads or insights that may be spinning around your mind during this Leo New moon. During this time you may be opening up now to a new beginning in connection with siblings, Grand-parents and your Ancestors, Gemini. The New Moon will be urging you to make room for a possible new move or trip, you may be connecting with these people 1:1 or through your intuition but either way, there is great insight these people have for you.


Shocking insights may be coming through for you Cancer, regarding your hopes and dreams especially those to do with the Community. You may be planning moves with your finances and work as well under this New Moon. Cancer, may not be well aware of how much your inner value systems are really shifting right now, but they are. This lunation will be urging Cancer to let go of past relationship woundings. There may be truths that come out regarding people that have hurt you, and this is coming up to allow you to heal, for good, Cancer.


Shocking insights may be coming up right now, regarding your work and public reputation Leo. There is shocking truths, important insight coming through during this time, that is awakening you to your true value and what you enjoy. Whether it relates to your work or not, how you value yourself is being weighing up, with this circumstance. How you react is everything! You are wishing for New Beginnings, to better reflect what you really believe in, and with that wish there may be circumstances that are coming up now, that push you to become the person ready to receive this new start!


Shocking insights may be coming up, through regarding travel plans, or your studies at this time Virgo. You may be making passionate moves in learning something during this time Virgo, and with this New Moon in Leo you’re being encouraged to take time for solitude now before Mercury goes Retrograde in your sign! There will be so many changes, especially ones made behind closed doors, so the company you keep is really being revalued with Venus Retrograde. Without spending time alone, how can you really know how you feel within certain energy if you don’t know your own?


Shocking insights may be coming up right now, regarding your fears and past traumas, Libra. There may be downloads and flashes of insight, that can be disruptive during this time. There is energy allowing you to now let go of bad past experiences and heal. Under the New Moon in Leo, you may be passionately pushing for a New Beginning in actually putting your dreams first, as well as making time for fun with those that you enjoy spending time with. There is a need right now to balance having fun and putting your healing first, you can have it all, so long as you are mindful, Libra!


There may be shocking insights coming through regarding your relationships and close connections, Scorpio. The relationships you keep are awakening you to inner truths regarding how to best show up for them and yourself right now. Under the New Moon in Leo, there are new beginnings brewing in your work and there may be a lot to do to prepare for this. Trust that you will get things done in the time that is perfect, Scorpio. With so many planets Retrograde right now, we are re-assessing, re-evaluating and hoping for a new perspective and only time can provide these. Stay grounded.


Shocking insights may be coming through right now regarding work and how you make money, Sagittarius. With Jupiter and Uranus both in grounded Taurus, the sign of Love, expect these insights to really affect your energy and your connections. During the New Moon in Leo, you may be offered renewed energy to create a new beginning in learning something new, or expanding your inner philosophy and beliefs, Sagittarius. There is the energy of a reshuffle happening right now, within your inner dogma. You may bring back a new philosophy or idea that you let go, and be reminded of the Value it can bring you during this time.


Shocking insights may be coming through regarding your creativity, romantic connections or children right now, Capricorn. There is energy coming through this new moon in Leo, that will create new client interactions, as well as financial income. This Venus Retrograde will be affecting your healing, and how you need to make this a priority. This is creating magnetic energy for you, and under the New Moon in Leo you might just see how worthy you really are, Capricorn.


For Aquarius, there may be shocking insights coming through regarding your home and family. There is disruptive energy occurring in the home for you, and overall an overarching desire for freedom from this. Within the Fixed Energy of Taurus and Leo highlighting this New Moon, there may be new beginnings coming through thanks to the people you are close to providing Insight, Aquarius. There is new value and a chance to reassess Relationships and Work Partnerships, depending on what comes up under the New Moon you may be able to see how to use what you already have.


Shocking insights may coming through right now, during conversation Pisces. There is an awakening happening for you now, and you will be given opportunity to discuss and express how you are feeling. Under the New moon in Leo there is a new beginning thanks to you being proud and yourself, Pisces. There may be truths coming up, so you can take your health seriously, as well. There is an easy way way to feel blessed every day Pisces, and that is to ground into and thank your body for what health you do have.

Deep dive and harness the cosmic energies at play right now to embrace your potential! Take charge of your destiny this week by seizing every opportunity that comes your way, and let the stars guide you to a future filled with fulfilment and success.

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