10 April Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Sun conjoin Jupiter!

10 April Week Ahead Horoscope | All 12 Sign’s Horoscope ✧*:Sun conjoin Jupiter!

Welcome to your Week Ahead Horoscope for this week 10 April to 16 April 2023! Jump to the End to watch along on YouTube if that is your thing!

This week we are coming off the Full Moon in Libra, that was an energetic highlight showing what in our partnerships we need to leave behind so we can move into our best, now! The Moon is waning in light and the overall energetic vibe shift will be experienced this week on the 11th and 12th.

On the 11th we have Venus ingressing into Gemini, this is making her more communicative and ready to intellectually dive into the Future we are working towards. Venus in Gemini is all about balancing information and integrating all of the different parts of yourself you use on a day-to-day. Venus may be moving into Gemini, however there are many planets still in Taurus, so this movement of Venus is especially important at this time. I will recommend to pay attention to how this transit shows up for you. Especially, as Mercury is about to enter a shadow period, she will go retrograde officially on the 21st of this month. With Gemini handling intellectual capabilities in a mercurial way, with this I expect that what we are talking about now may possibly shift dramatically after the Retrograde.

Also this week, on the 12th we have the great benefic planet Jupiter making a lovely change to the overall vibe. There will be lovely blessings all around as she conjoins with the sun in Aries. Jupiter has been in Aries for quite a while, so this conjunction will highlight exactly how this transit has brought light in to our overall vitality. With Mars being in Cancer, I do intuit that this can have connections to the wounded feminine and our actions to heal this. There may be more regarding this healing that may occur after this great conjunction!

The Lunar Vibe this week is one of us heading into the quarter square time, which will bring more of a crisis feeling. We have recognised what needed to be released during the Full Moon in Libra and we are beginning to actually release this. As we approach sun square the moon we are seeing how this change is directly affecting our external reality.

Read ahead now for your Rising, Sun & Moon for a comprehensive understanding of how this week’s planetary influences will be affecting you!



This week Aries, Venus is moving into Gemini which rules over your 3rd house indicating that you’re very Mercurial already. Venus here is blessing your 3rd house to show you how to balance out communication much more. You might be thinking about expanding financially and making some changes here, as well as even just expanding on who you are. Heart to hearts may be coming up a lot. Honour yourself and your own thoughts Aries, you’re being asked to be a leader here.

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter you may experiencing blessings all to do with you! You may be working on something behind the scenes, or you may be keeping something close to your chest regarding the healing that you have been doing. You may be having dreams about your healing as well as seeing how much this expansion has brought light to your essence.


This week Taurus, with Venus moving into Gemini, she will bring more loving communication and more balance to your finances, and overall self worth. With everything and all of the changes that have been happening to you, it’s now the time when you can rebalance and implement some things that you might be wanting to add to your life regarding your finances.

On the 12th of this week, the Sun conjoining with Jupiter may bring  blessings to do with your healing. This may have to do with direct healing that has to be done so you can take further action towards your dreams or so you can spend more time with the people you love.

This is all helped by everything you have been doing behind the scenes, Taurus. Whatever you’re working on on your own is expanding you in so many ways! Your career may be transforming right before your eyes as well, Taurus.


This week Gemini Venus is moving into your sign! This is an exciting time for you. Venus is refreshing herself in your sign and there is rebalancing here thanks to mental processing and information that’s been coming in for you.

Your friends are really helping you during this transit and it is great energy to talk with them about your dreams and how joyful you are feeling. With this blessing of Venus, you might be interested in learning something new with that beautiful mind you have.  

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter you may experiencing blessings into your hopes and dreams. You may be realising a dream this week, Gemini! This is truly wonderful energy for you. This is all thanks to you being happy to show more of your artistic and spiritual sides in your career and to the public.


This week Cancer, with Venus moving into Gemini, you will experience great shift of energy in your 12th house of solitude and rest. This time will bring a lot more balance to your rest time, Cancer. Whilst Venus is in Gemini it is indicating that time spent on your own is a blessing. There is a chance with this to bring more balance and healing for you. With this energy there is a greater emphasis placed on good quality healing for you at this time.

You may be having interesting dreams coming up with your friends involved, pay attention to these this week! There’s a lot of healing that can be done at this time as you’re especially connected to the collective and healing being done around the world at this time.

The Sun conjoining with Jupiter may bring blessings in your career this week. This is all due to great creativity being implemented in how you present yourself in your career and in the world, Cancer. You are seeing how much you’ve been able to expand in your career over the last few years and there is new vitality being brought in here for you!


This week Leo, with Venus will be ingressing into Gemini which is the home of your 11th house of friendship and dreams! This is a beautiful time of renewal in friendships and there is balance coming in here for you. There is beautiful communication to be had this week with your friends, take a chance to share your dreams with the friends around you.

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th, in the fire sign of Aries you may feel great energy coming in blessing you at this time! Expect gorgeous blessings, showing up to do with further education or a chance to travel long distance!

Overall, you have been healing so much and you’re really taking note on all you have done at this time. This is all thanks to the connections happening now in your 8th house of healing and 9th house of philosophical outlook in life! Enjoy this time love.


This week Virgo, with Venus moving into Gemini, expect this energy to bring balance to your career, Virgo. Your day to day habits and routines are paying off and are bringing in a value shift to career. This may be all thanks to something you are working towards and studying hard for.

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th, in your 8th house of transformative healing. This could bring blessings into your healing or even more direct, as blessings or money coming in from others. This could look like a surprise inheritance, insurance pay-out or a payment from a client. I hope you do enjoy the shift of energy this week!


This week Libra, with Venus moving into Gemini, blessing may come in for a new study pursuit or a chance to travel! There is blessings coming through your partnerships at this time, you’re cutting out all the old ways of working that we’re not serving you. There are new things you’re learning and they are so creative. These themes may be leaving you feeling like you’re moving too quickly, but trust, as later in the month when Mercury goes retrograde you’ll be given a chance to perfect and re-address this.

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th, your relationships are being refreshed with the great benefic blessing your 7th house of partnerships. Your relationships are revitalised now, all thanks to hard work you may be putting in every single day. Expect compliments this week from those close to you. Enjoy this amazing blessing, Libra!


This week Scorpio, with Venus moving into Gemini, there is energy given for you to rebalance your healing and your transformations. You’re transmutting what may have happened in the past, to bring fire to your present. You’re being helped by transformations that are happening behind the scenes or in your time of solitude. Expect amazing healing to come through to do with ancestral healing as well as Mother wounds.

The Sun will be conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th in the Mars ruled sign of Aries. So this is important for you Scorpio! Expect blessings to do with your health this week, especially to do with habits you’ve chosen to give up or habits you’ve picked up to better yourself! You may be seeing how this is all bringing in expansion and purposeful energy and drive to your day-to-day life.


This week Sagittarius, with Venus moving into Gemini, there are new conversations being invited in your partnerships. Expect rebalancing to occur thanks to these conversations. You may be discussing the possibility to take a short trip or holiday with this energy. There is creative expansion happening for you with this energy that is helping you heal past wounding especially that to do with the family and ancestral wounds.

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th in the fire sign of Aries there is great energy for you. You may experience blessings thanks to  your creative pursuits Sag! There is fire and passion in the home this week, enjoy the Gorgeous energy for you this week!


This week Capricorn, with Venus moving into Gemini there is a chance to rebalance something to do with your health or habits. This is thanks to some new blessings in finances that might be coming through. You may be cutting out stale friendships or relationships now, this energy is inviting you to rebalance and heal within this.  

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th, expect this energy to bring out blessings in your home. As this conjunction is happening in your 4th house of the home and the family, I expect gorgeous rejuvenation to be happening for you in this part of life. There is a chance to take part in a heart-opening communication or to have a spiritual connection to the people in your family or in your home with this energy, Capricorn!  


This week Aquarius, with Venus moving into Gemini you’re being given a chance to revitalise and rebalance what you do for fun! Expect beautiful blessings or even a New Romantic partner to spark your interest during this time, Aquarius!

Thee Sun is conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th, bringing blessings to your communications right now. There is great ability for you to be open about what you want in your communication. Expect there to be  beautiful blessings coming in here this week. Your personal self-worth may be given a new light during this transit Aquarius!


This week Pisces, with Venus moving into Gemini expect a gorgeous renewal of a relationship in the home. You’re rebalancing your home and family life, Pisces. You may have been trying a lot of new creative pursuits and you’re now deciding what stays for you. This may be bringing in more of a relaxing energy for you in the home, as you’re actually listening to what you need!

With the Sun conjoining with Jupiter on the 12th there may be blessings in your personal worth and finances. You may be receiving financial help this week Pisces. If you have a day chart you can expect to experience a feeling of expansion and renewal to light you and your value systems up!

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