*:・゚✧What to expect ~ Jupiter in Taurus

*:・゚✧What to expect ~ Jupiter in Taurus

The outer planet that rules fortune and expansion of beliefs has, officially moved into the sign of Taurus! Jupiter will be blessed by the planet Venus, in this sign until the 25th of May 2024. With all outer planets, an ingress like this can shift the vibe of our entire perception and reality. This transit is bringing up an awareness of high expectations to make change, as Uranus is Taurus also. With high expectations in mind there are themes of self-preservation in the air, you may feel encouraged to work really hard at something during this transit!

This Jupiter in Taurus transit is connected to June 2011 - June 2012, look back at that time in your life to take what themes occurred for you back then and think about how this is connected to your life now. Jupiter moved from being in the fiery and passionate sign of Aries, where she brought through themes of wanting to burn all of our old beliefs to the ground. Possibly, for Mars ruled individuals, the last year or so was a blessing in ways, allowing you to reach new heights you possibly never thought you could reach.

On the 17th of May 2023, Jupiter ingressed into Taurus where she will be staying for the next year. Venus rules Taurus, so this transit will be coloured in the themes of value, love, beauty, growth and connection. With Jupiter in Taurus, this is a time (especially) for Earth and Feminine signs to find more faith and freedom. For the duration of 2023, Jupiter will be transiting through Taurus at or around 0-15 degrees. Taurus at or around these degrees will be the most affected of this transit, so pay attention to any natal planets in this place. Where-ever Jupiter in transiting natally will experience exceptional and transformative growth for the next year.

This is an exceptionally lucky time for those with day charts (born during the day!). For fixed signs, this could be a time of over-exaggerated expectations and possible over-spending, energetically or financially. You may have high expectations for those in close relationships during this time. Be aware that Jupiter does bring excess, so where this planet is transiting will be expanding, whether that be for good or for challenge and growth!

This is the ideal time for all to put in the work towards personal growth. Jupiter will go retrograde on the fifth of September, bringing in more of an internal shift of optimism, especially for Mercurial ruled signs, as Mercury will station retrograde in the Earth sign Virgo the day before Jupiter goes Retrograde. Our personal philosophies are changing, for the better, to allow for connection, soft-ness, and beauty to be a part of our everyday.

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